Golf – What Equipment Do You Need?

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to get started playing the game of golf. Congratulations! It is a great game to be sure. I am so happy to have gotten started over 30 years ago myself. But, before you can book that first tee time, you’re going to need to get yourself some golf equipment. Have you thought about everything you need yet? Here is a quick list of what you’ll need in order to get started.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs will be the single most costly item you buy when getting started in golf. There are clubs priced for every budget and you will need to decide what your budget is before shopping. You can purchase beginning sets at a Wal-Mart for under $200, or you can buy a new set of Callaway’s for nearly $2,000 at the local golf pro shop. My best advice is to start out with a beginners set until you’ve played the game for a while. Why? Because what happens if you decide golf just isn’t for you after all? Instead of being out thousands of dollars on equipment, you’ve only spent a couple hundred. It just makes good sense. Start out small and work up as you go. I’ve actually seen guys spend $1,500 on clubs only to decide to quit the game 2 weeks later and then sell the clubs for $200 in a garage sale.

Another suggestion I would make is to get fitted for your golf clubs. Having the wrong size clubs can prevent you from playing your best golf. The golf clubs sold in the retail stores are all sized for the average person of average height and weight. Great, but just what is average? Who is average? I never have understood that one. Since your golf clubs are the most important piece of equipment you have on the course, get fitted correctly. You’ll enjoy yourself much more and thank me later.

Golf Bag

I think it goes without saying that you’re going to need something to put your golf clubs in. Again, there is no need to go out and spend $500 on a PGA tour style golf bag. You can buy a golf bag for as little as $50 at any sporting goods retail store. The one thing you will want to consider before buying any golf bag is whether you plan on walking the golf course, or riding a golf cart? If you’re planning on walking all the time then find a lightweight golf stand bag. You should probably get a pull cart to go with it too. If you’re planning on riding a cart, then just about any type of golf bag will do. You might want to even look around at garage sales in your area for a golf bag. You can find some unbelievable bargains at garage and yard sales.

Golf Balls

When you’re first starting out, don’t spend $50 on a dozen Titelist Pro V1 golf balls. You can buy a box of 15 Top Flite XL’s for as little as $15 at Wal-Mart. Keep in mind that you’re going to lose a lot of golf balls during your round when you first start out. It’s only normal. I know that it may sound cool to play with a professional ball, but the ball won’t really help your game at this stage. A standard golf ball will do fine. Later, as you become more proficient you can move up in quality.

Golf Glove

A golf glove is really a matter of personal preference right now. Yes, every PGA tour pro wears one, but you’re not on the tour right now. If you sweat a lot or it is damp or raining out, then yes I would advise wearing a golf glove. But, if you have good golf grips on your clubs and you don’t have the issues mentioned above, then you really don’t need one. You can buy a nice leather golf glove at any sporting goods retailer for approximately $5.00-$10.00.

Golf Shoes

Finally, a pair of golf shoes can definitely be helpful during your round. Unlike tennis shoes, golf shoes will prevent you from slipping during your swing, which does happen on occasion. They are also great after a rain. Golf shoes can cost from $50 all the way up to $300 or more depending on the style. Let your budget be your guide here. A good pair of Footjoy’s for $80 will last you several years. Make sure the shoes feel comfortable and wear a good pair of socks underneath them. I would also purchase an extra set of replacement spikes at the same time so you have them on hand when you need them. Trust me; you want to have them available to you when you need them.

That about does it for the equipment you will need to get started with. Of course, you’ll need some golf tees, ball marker and divot repair tool, but that is only a few pennies and can be bought in the pro shop before your round if necessary. The bottom line? You can expect to pay between $300.00 all the way up to several thousand dollars to get started in the world of golf. While it’s not overly expensive, it does require a little capital. But, ask any golfer and they will all tell you same thing, the satisfaction and peace of mind out on the golf course is priceless! Golf, it’s a great game.

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