Gong Yoga

The power and resonant sounds of a chime, gong, and cymbal are common amongst Buddhist meditation practices and the world of ancient healing cultures of the Far East. Meditation and yoga are often combined for both relaxation, rejuvenation, and energy enhancement at a deep and spiritual level. Gong yoga is becoming a popular trend amongst yoga enthusiasts with the inclusion of small chimes, cymbals, and miniature gongs to enhance the yoga experience.

Gongs can be a calming and energy-reviving source to create a mood and ‘center’ an area’s vibrational energy. The essence of using gongs in spiritual practice is to take control of the wavelengths in a room or area, and restore equilibrium. Since yoga poses also focus on balance and equilibrium, the gong can aid in the process. Chimes, small cymbals, and gongs are now considered essential tools for many new outlets in meditation, and gong yoga is a rising trend amongst the variety of today’s popular yoga techniques.

Singing bell bowls from the Himalayas can be beautifully handcrafted centerpieces as a central part of meditation rooms or relaxation areas. They provide a calming and distinct sound when they are used, and gongs can help in creating a similar ambiance. During yoga, one of the main attributes is to remain focused and calm in both mind and body; the system of yoga exercises and poses nourishes and helps the body to create equilibrium. The resulting yoga poses are better-directed, balanced, and restoring.

The word yoga actually means ‘to bind’ and was conceived out of Kundalini practices over 26,000 years ago. According to Don Conreau, Yogic Gongmaster from Holistic-resonance.com “A Gong is a cosmic engine of power and is appropriately named after the sound that it makes. It is an instrument that releases this all powerful OM resonance which, although constituting all materiality, is not limited to finite manifestation. It produces Holistic Tones which have ‘fullness’ and to which the whole being responds.” Although this concept may seem very spiritually deep and cosmic, the basis is well-received around the country at many yoga studios.

Gong yoga incorporates the tones, rhythms, and essential sounds of a practice that has been a part of a very spiritual culture for thousands of years. Yoga itself is rising in popularity and gaining acceptance as a worthy exercise and opportunity for total body rebalancing. Using sounds, light drum beats, and other sensory enhancements such as incense or candles can enliven and create a fresh yoga experience to learn and study from for any long-term yoga enthusiast.

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