The Cheapest Places to Get a Massage in Atlanta

In a city like metro Atlanta, there are virtually a million different circumstances which cause great stress. Sometimes an eight-hour bedtime sleep just isn’t sufficient to quell the anxieties that plague us on a daily basis. That being said, many people opt to visit expensive spas which are essentially “candy stores” of decadent treatments designed to relieve stress and pamper the body. While many of these spas offer top notch services in the most couture of settings, plenty of other less expensive options exist, which provide the same results. If you haven’t taken a closer look at Atlanta’s premier massage schools, you’ve probably been missing out on some hidden gems in the body pampering industryâÂ?¦

The Atlanta School of Massage (and Institute of Aesthetics)

The Atlanta School of Massage is located in a 30,000 square foot campus right outside the Atlanta city limits in the Dunwoody area. In addition to holding classes in skin care and massage techniques, the School provides “discounted” spa and massage services to the public. The “discounted” services are typically performed by the students at the school. Services rendered by more professional staff will cost slightly more. For instance, a 50-minute student massage costs just $40, while a professionally staffed one hour massage costs just $60. The Atlanta School of Massage has a fairly impressive catalog of services including purifying seaweed wraps, foot reflexology treatments, and much more. The set-up for these additional services is fairly similar to that of the massage schedule: student treatments are traditionally a small fraction less than those of professionally administered ones.

Massage types vary according to individual preference or need. Each session includes a consultation with a member of staff who will gauge your preferences against the array of services. Private rooms are provided for all massages. And there is even adjustable lighting and peaceful music to enhance the experience.

Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health

If you truly want a holistic spa experience, and do not wish to spend the proverbial “arm and leg”, then the Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health is the place for you. With two main clinics, one in Marietta and one in the Dunwoody area, it’s best to set up appointments ahead of time. The Dunwoody student massage clinic at the institute is open 7 days a week. However, massage appointments are not available prior to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday. In Marietta, the clinic is only accessible on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Dunwoody Clinic is very cozy and professional. Clients, upon arriving at their appointed time, are provided with a very basic physical questionnaire. Based on individual preferences, the type of massage is determined, and a student masseur/masseuse is assigned. Clients are then taken to a large room, divided by heavy draped partitions for their massage. Again, rates for the clinic are on average much less expensive than typical spas, with a full-hour body massage beginning somewhere in the neighborhood of $40.

Massage Envy

Another alternative to the pay-per-visit clinics inside the metro Atlanta area, is Massage Envy. At this center, clients may purchase memberships which are good for certain services. Members pay monthly dues, which allow for an unlimited number of 1-hour massages for a particular rate. Addtionally, this membership is good at any of Massage Envy’s nationwide chain of clinics.

The clinic is more focused on therapeutic healing, as opposed to aesthetic spa services. Patrons looking to explore pain management, injury recovery, or sore muscle relief should look no further than these clinics. The purpose behind Massage Envy’s setting up a membership structure was to accommodate the many different physical needs of its clients. There are many more appointment times and longer hours of operation than standard spas and schools. As a matter of fact, the clinic is currently offering an introductory first-time price of $39 for one 1-hour session, which consists of a 50-minute massage and ten minutes for dressing and a consultation. Types of massage include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point (targeting painful muscle knots), and reflexology amongst others. With more than 100 locations nationwide, there is bound be a service (or set of services) which will suit a stressed person’s fancy.

Beverly’s Day Spa

Those residing a bit farther outside of the city limits do not have to fight traffic to receive their piece of massage heaven. In Woodstock, approximately 20 to 25 miles outside of Atlanta you’ll find a day spa which offers many different aesthetic services including hair and nail care, skin treatments, and even facials. What’s more, Beverly’s Day Spa also specializes in quite a few different kinds of massages. For just $80, one can achieve all the exhilarating glory of a 50-minute stone massage, which consists of the application of heated stones to all aches and pains throughout the body. A 50-minute sports massage, also dedicated to soothing achy muscles, only costs $65 dollars. Relaxation, Therapeutic, and even Reiki-Energy Work massages all cost $65 for a 50-minute session. And if you’re short on either time or funds, these sessions can be cut in half for just $40. This spa offers many different gift packages. So in addition to stress relief, one can spend an entire day being pampered.

Luxurious and relaxing spa experiences are not just allotted to the rich and famous. There are many different ways that one can fit a little pampering into his/ her schedule. Instead of heading directly for the latest and greatest in spas, be sure to check your local Yellow Pages in order to locate massage schools which most often have reduced-price clinics. You might even be surprised at how much more personal and intimate your spa experience can be.

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