Good Yoga Studios in Seattle

Yoga can help create a sense of balance and togetherness in your life. With the proper teaching, Yoga practices help individuals eliminate stress and puts a healthier spin on the sometimes frazzled lives of city dwellers. In Seattle, yoga studios are as ubiquitous as coffee shops: here’s a few highly recommended choices, so you can get the most out of this venture.

The Yoga Tree, 3601 Fremont Ave #315, Seattle, WA, 98103 call (206545-0316
Considered to be one of the top yoga studios in Seattle, The Yoga Tree offers something for everybody, with nearly 60 diverse classes offered per day. Those beginning to flirt with the idea of yoga will be lulled in by expertly taught introductory classes. More serious practitioners will enjoy different series, including those focused on meditation, the Pranayama series, Kirtan, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, and Vastu Shastra: the art of yoga in the home. Immersions are a good way to dedicate yourself to yogic practices, and gain some insight into your own life. The dedicated group of instructors have a wide array of expertise, and you can expect to find one that teaches almost any sect of yoga you can wish for. Instructors are constantly learning and taking courses themselves, so expect the best here.

Hatha Yoga Center, 4550 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98105 Call (206)632-1706

The Hatha Yoga center, located near University of Washington in the U-district, is a great place for beginners and casual yoga practioners, who are just looking for stress release and learning new skills. The mantra of Hatha is “safe and sacred,” which means that the environment is relaxed and inviting, but the subject matter is still serious. Beginning students will benefit from the two introductory classes offered per week, which seek to teach basic principles and deepen awareness of yoga with a coaching style that is inspiring and offbeat. The main focus is on core body alignment, and proper breathing techniques. More advanced classes are offered throughout the week for those that wish to take it up to the next level. Due to its close proximity to the university, Hatha has become a favorite way for students to release some of the stresses of academic life in a healthy environment.

Whole Life Yoga, 8551 Greenwood Ave. N, Suite 2, Seattle, WA, 98103 Call (206)784-2882

As the name implies, Whole Life Yoga is about finding balance and harmony for all people. Their classes are not limited to the expert or those at the pinnacle of fitness. They operate on the level that all people can benefit from yoga, and strive to make classes that are inviting to all age groups and fitness levels. Here, you’ll find a community focused yoga studio, where teenagers and seniors will all learn the same principles on how to use yoga as a method to unwind and develop your physical and mental abilities. They offer series in Yoga Celebration, Immersion for Real people, and Next level classes. You’ll find a positive and encouraging atmosphere here for you to begin or advance your yoga skills. While the ultra serious yoga practitioner might want to head to a studio with a more intense and focused approach, this place is perfect for those that use yoga to relax – or those that are just looking for a relaxing place to learn yoga for the first time.

Santosha Yoga 2812 East Madison st, Seattle, WA, 98112 Call (206)264-5034

Every day of the week, Santosha Yoga in the Madison Valley offers classes for all yoga levels. Classes are centered around meditation and inner balance. This studio is particularly unique because many classes focus on child-parent yoga practices. Prenatal focused classes come highly recommended for pregnant woman trying to establish breathing techniques. The Yin & Flow Series helps relieve stress and is a balancing mechanism for new parents. And the Mom & Baby classes are said to be helpful in establishing bonds between mother and child. Private classes are intense and focused, for $75/hour. In the spirit of a child friendly atmosphere, babysitting is available through the studio.

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