How to Choose the Best Pharmacy for Your Health Care Needs

The drug stores that many Americans remember from the past have all but vanished, replaced by modern pharmacies offering a full range of services. Today’s pharmacies not only meet the needs for prescription drugs and over-the-count medications but often offer much more. Choosing which pharmacy is right for individual needs can be difficult but there are several things that should be taken into consideration before making a choice.

Location is a vital factor in pharmacy choice. Rather than select a pharmacy miles distant, look for a suitable pharmacy in the neighborhood or nearby. The location should be a convenient one and easy to access. Look for available parking, preferably off-street. Most people taking a regular regimen of prescription medication must visit the pharmacy at least once a month, sometimes more often. That’s why it’s a plus to have a pharmacy nearby.

If mobility is an issue, ask if that pharmacy will deliver or if they offer a mail service for customers. It’s also wise to determine if the pharmacy offers charge accounts for customers. Having an account or keeping a credit card on file can speed filling a prescription and make payment simple. If it’s necessary to have someone pick up a prescription, the ability to charge the prescription can make the task simple. It’s also wise to make sure that a pharmacy will honor your particular prescription plan to make insurance billing – and insurance co-pay prices simple.

Other considerations in choosing a pharmacy include a knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. Finding a pharmacist who is willing to answer any and all questions in a simple fashion is invaluable. It can be important to fully understand each new drug before taking it and to know what interactions are not reccommended. A regular pharmacist should become familiar with your family and be able to help with any needs. A pharmacist with the knowledge and experience to suggest the right vitamins or even over-the-counter products is an asset in today’s world.

Look for special services that might include blood sugar testing or the ability to download the readings from a diabetes monitor. Seek out pharmacies that offer private counseling or stock asthma inhalers or even crutches for injuries. Some pharmacies will mix a flavored syrup into liquid medicines for children to make the taste more palatable. Others may offer convenient packaging or special packages for the elderly.

Having all meds filled at one location is the best option. That provides the pharmacist with all the knowlege he or she may need to best serve your needs and to be familiar with your health care.

Consider all these factors before choosing the single pharmacy that is best for your family’s health needs.

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