How to Get Control of Your Eating Habits

If you are looking to work on your body and physical appearance, you may need to control your eating habits. While this is no easy task, especially for food lovers, if you are willing to make an extra effort, the following measures can make the transition relatively easier.


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    For starters, make sure that you take three proper meals a day. Breakfast is essential as it keeps you active throughout the day. If you ever feel the need to over eat, it is best that you do that in the morning as you will have all day to burn your food intake. Lunch and dinner are also important but make sure that you don’t eat excessive junk food.

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    If you are still having trouble, then exercise is the best way to counter your eating habits. You are bound to feel energetic and further avoid eating unhealthy food. It will also have a positive effect on your lifestyle where you will automatically restrain yourself from overeating. Exercise will speed up your metabolism as well, which will result in you burning more calories.

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    Maintain a food diary. Although this may not be easy, but by committing to this routine, you will be able to keep track of your eating and drinking habits, and further manage them accordingly. Reviewing it after every week will give you a good idea about your eating patterns, which can then be changed, avoided or worked upon.

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    Most people usually eat a lot when they feel sad, emotional or stressed. Keeping a journal is the best way to deal with these scenarios where you can challenge or motivate yourself to curb your bad eating habits. This in turn helps you figure out solutions such as going for a walk, exercising or communicating with your loved ones for added support etc.

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    Reflecting upon your eating habits will help you realize some key facts. For instance, most people tend to eat too fast, or don’t get satisfied until they have been served twice. This leads to excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats. How can you avoid them? Make sure that you serve yourself only once. This could be done by planning your meals well ahead or eating with a colleague or friend. Also pay attention while you are eating rather than having food when watching TV or a movie.

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