Yoga Booty Ballet – the Live Series

The Yoga Booty Ballet Live Series is a fun, dance-based workout series designed to burn fat and build muscle. The series is available online through, a site that sells a variety of exercise programs, supplements, and accessories. This is the second series designed by Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough. The original Yoga Booty Ballet, and the most recent series, the Master Series, are also available through This series contains five DVDs. Also included in the package are the Yoga Booty Ballet Squishy Ball and Band that are used in many of the workouts. The Live Series is taped in California, in actual Yoga Booty Ballet classes in Gillian and Teigh’s Swerve Studio. Each Yoga Booty Ballet workout begins with some yoga and meditation techniques, as well as mentally stating an intention for the workout – which can be anything from a workout goal to a personal or life goal. Some people may feel uncomfortable with these techniques, as they are spiritual, but they don’t push any specific religious belief or idea – they simply promote spreading love. Mantras are occasionally introduced – most in English. The one Sanskrit Mantra used is “Sat Nam” meaning “truth is my name” or “truth is my reality.” Here is a brief description of the workouts included in the Yoga Booty Ballet Live Series.

Go-go: This is one of the most fun, but also one of the hardest Yoga Booty Ballet workouts – lasting close to 40 minutes. After a quick meditation, an intention is set, and there is a quick warm-up. The dance is 60’s-inspired, using moves like shimmies, mask-pull, chicken, the jerk, hitchhiking, a bond-girl-like squirt gun move, and the swim. Every Yoga Booty Ballet dance is taught one move at a time, starting from the top after each new move and adding on at the end to be sure the user will easily learn each step. The strength part of the workout is done first using ballet moves for balance. The second strength uses the Yoga Booty Ballet Squishy Ball to work the thighs and buns. The workout ends with some stretching using Yoga poses and meditation. Overall this is a great cardio and strength workout, but the user should expect to sweat a lot and work hard!

Body Sculpting Bollywood Style – This is another one of my favorite Yoga Booty Ballet workouts. This lasts just under 35 minutes and inspired by Indian dance moves seen in Bollywood. As with all Yoga Booty Ballet workouts, an intention is set at the beginning in Surya Mudra, a mudra for communication, and there is a fast warm-up. The dance is taught the same way as the Go-go dance, adding on one move at a time, repeating them often, and starting from the top each time. The dance portion is slightly easier than the Go-go dance from a cardio standpoint, but just as much, if not more fun. Some steps are a little complex at first, but after going through the workout a few times, it gets easier and easier. The strength part of the workout uses the Yoga Booty Ballet Band. Using the band is slightly more difficult than using the Squishy Ball because it is important to step on the band without having any folds in it. At first, the video seems to move too fast to get in position in order to keep in time, but this also gets easier with practice. The band is great for working out the inner and outer thighs. This video, like most exercise videos, ends with a stretch, but unlike many other exercise videos, excluding Yoga Booty Ballet, this also ends with some meditation techniques.

Latin Flavor – Another dance video in the Yoga Booty Ballet Live Series, the Latin Flavor DVD lasts slightly over 40 minutes. It starts with setting an intention in Lotus Prayer pose, a mudra for enlightenment. The warm up is fast and the dance is taught in the same manner as the previous two. This dance is also a lot of fun, using Latin-inspired steps like Meringue, Samba, Cha-cha, and many more. The strength segment, called Ballet Floor Bar is done on the ground or on a mat and strengthens the abs, thighs, and buns. Some moves are a little difficult to get at first, but as with the others, the more it’s done, the easier it becomes. Again, the cool-down consists of Yoga poses and meditation techniques.

Light and Easy – This is the final dance workout in the Yoga Booty Ballet Live Series. It’s great for beginners and for use on days when you would like a lightly easier workout. It lasts lightly longer than 35 minutes. A Kria, or action, performed at the beginning for polishing the aura can be difficult at first and does give a tingling sensation when it is done. The dance section features very simple and easy-to learn moves, and the strength section uses ballet moves. The yoga section at the end is a great, relaxing cool down.

Body Sculpting – Unlike the other Live Yoga Booty Ballet workouts, this is not done as a dance workout. It lasts about 35 minutes, and uses both the Squishy Ball and Band. This workout is easier in terms of cardio, but rigorous for strength. After an intention is set, the warm up includes a series of sweeping from side to side and yoga poses. The band is then used for biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest. The band section is a little difficult and fast-paced for beginners, but it gets easier. The Squishy Ball segment strengthens the abs, buns, and thighs. This is difficult, but the benefit is felt right away. Again, the cool down uses yoga and meditation techniques to relax the body.

This is a fantastic series of workouts because it incorporates both cardio and strength ranging from yoga poses to a variety of dance moves. The intention setting and meditation are great de-stressors and keep the mind in a positive place, as well as give motivation to continue working out. Although some may be turned off by this, I find it extremely helpful and it puts an interesting and different twist on the workouts. I would recommend these workouts to anyone looking for a change-of-pace, fun, energetic workout that gets results!

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