Google Earth

Wanna see the world at a click of a button? Try Google Earth.

Using satellite imagery, Google provides a powerful way to search any locale in the world, and travel without leaving your seat. Now, you’d be able to see everything – from great ancient wonders like the pyramids in Egypt to the hip and cool beaches in Hawaii.

I had my first share of google-ing the Earth when a colleague introduced me to it, showing me her place in australia – the next thing I knew, I was browsing my way trying to look for my place (see image), and then my office, and then some more.

Although some images are still blurred, I’d say Google Earth still more than passes my standards as I myself couldnt come up with such a cooler than cool program.

Now, now… I wonder when Google universe would launch… It would be great to see constellations, planets… and hmmn.. martians.

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