Gorgeous Ways to Use Garden Statues in Landscaping

Garden statues are a great way to personalize your landscaping. They allow your personality to shine through. There are many types of statues available to meet your personal needs. Let’s take a look at a few garden themes and how a garden statue can liven up your whole landscape!

In a fairy tale themed garden, the sky is the limit. You can use groups of small animals to capture the magic that is Bambi and his woodland friends. You can also use the larger animals in occasional places to make your landscape a friendly place to be. Fairies are another garden favorite. They can be placed next to walkway stones to help guide your way to the garden. Fairies are delightful and are a must have if children will be around.

Depending on your beliefs, you can use garden states to surround yourself with religious comfort. To some, a simple angel statue makes people feel like a guardian angel is looking after their garden. For others, they prefer to be much more elaborate and place statues of Jesus, Mary, or various Saints. These can be paired beautifully with benches to add fashion and function to your garden.

Some families with little ones like to use benches and statues of children to create a playful atmosphere. The use of Fairies and Children playing in any part of your landscaping can give your home a fun feeling! Children love anything that looks magical, so in this situation, go all out. Give them magical fairies to talk to and animals to chase.

For those who prefer a less is more approach, this can be easily attained by placing one statue in a place that catches the eye of a passerby. It is also a lovely idea to allow one statue to stand beside an archway. It lends a little personality to the beauty of an archway. Others prefer to place a statue of their favorite animal near plants and shrubs around the house.

If you live in a tropical climate, beachy statues look adorable. You may choose to put a flamingo or turtle near palm trees or banana plants. I have a cute landscapes with a sign that reads “flamingo crossing.” You can also combine your statues with signs and beach chairs to really go all out. I once saw a brightly colored picnic table with a statue of a man actually sitting down on it.

The use of water gardens is becoming very popular. Statues can be used around fountains and ponds to really enhance the beauty of your water garden. There are some very beautiful statues that actually double as a fountain. I have seen some lovely ones that look like a woman or angel is pouring water into your pond.

If you are looking to illuminate a pathway or showcase a particular area of your landscape, solar powered statues are a lovely addition! They are functional and beautiful. If you are looking for a unique and easy way to place a light near an archway or bench, these lit from within statues will add a warmth and glow to your whole project.

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