Serviced Apartments – A Cost Saving Option When Living in London

Serviced apartment is really a cost saving option of living in an expensive city like London. A serviced apartment is something in between hotel and residential flat. It is a furnished apartment with kitchen and sometimes with a washing machine and a dishwasher too. Charges are generally daily or weekly basis but sometimes monthly too. This charge includes electricity charges, water charges and everything else. Besides, you get daily room makeover service. Finding out serviced apartments and booking are very easy through online.

Things to be considered while choosing a Serviced Apartment:

1) House Keeping: Almost all of the serviced apartment company provide daily House Keeping services but still it is wise to ask about this. Besides the conceirge services are also very helpful.

2) Linen Changes: Many Serviced Apartment company facilitates weekly linen changes and don’t provide toileteries except at the time of your arrival. But they do change towels daily. Before booking for a serviced apartment one should enquire about this matter.

3) No room services: Since there is no restaurants and room services so always enquire about nearest departmental stores and famous fast food centres like KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, some local departmental stores like Tesco, Waitroses, Sainsbury’s etc in UK.

4) Laundering facility: Many serviced apartments have washing machine in the room but many have not. But such serviced apartments provide some picking up laundry services. Besides using dry-cleaners services or coin operated laundering rooms are also easily available options.

5)Stock of goods: Many serviced apartments don’t provide coffee and tea pouches in rooms so it is a good idea to have stock of milk, coffee, tea, bread, frozen food etc. in your pantry and refridgerator.

6) Proximity of tube station: If you have to travel by tube in London then check for SAs near tube stations.

Benefits of choosing a serviced apartment:

1) Cost Saving: The most beneficial factor of preferring a serviced apartment to a hotel is cost saving. It is very inexpensive as compared to the hotel but off couse less luxurious. However luxury options in Serviced Apartments are also available.

2) Home-like enviournment: Due to availability of kitchen and other home-like facilities it keeps you away from being nostalgic. You can prepare your food whenever you want like your home. You don’t need to call room services or restaurant against your will.

3) Kitchen: In a serviced apartment you get kitchen having microwave, gas/heater and freeze which are very useful if your routine is not fixed and you need a midnight meal or heating food for babies.

4) Washing Machine: Some serviced apartments provide washing machines in room which is helpful in saving your time.

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