Great Christmas Gift Shops in Waverly

The best shops for gift buying in Waverly is the pharmacies. There is some privileges to being a small city, shopping is one of them. There is no reason to drive around for hours, fighting for a parking spot or getting blisters on your feet from walking around. Although nothing is like what you might find in Macy’s, the prices are more in tune with what Waverly residents can afford. There is also none of the bad taste humor found in most shops today.

The place to find exquisite items is Fruth Pharmacy. There is an extensive collection of crystal that can be bought at prices ranging from the inexpensive to the wallet busting. Crystal can be bought either as a knick-knack piece, such as a rose, bird or stand-up poem scrolls, or as a ‘working’ object like a desk photo holder or a vase. No matter what person you might be buying for, there is surely a crystal item with their name on it. Fruth also carries jewelry and decorative items for your home.

Fruth Pharmacy is located at 101 James Road, just off of Emmitt Avenue. The phone number is (740)- 947-5018. It is just off the main drag and is easily seen from Emmitt Avenue.

Another great place to shop for items of an unique nature is Bartleys Pharmacy. Bartleys also has fine crystal and other collectable items like Boyds Bears, but they are also known in the community as the place to buy useful and novelty items. Home dÃ?©cor is their specialty, and homely decorations is their theme. A shopper shouldn’t be a bit surprised to find signs with cute sayings, throw covers with country visions or hand crafted furniture. There is many greeting cards to choose from, with greeting verses both silly or serious, and classic or jazzy.

Bartleys Pharmacy has served the Waverly area for decades and is continuing to do so. When they purchase merchandise, the store really keeps in mind the needs and wants of the citizens of this small city without defining what they should or shouldn’t buy.

Bartleys Pharmacy is located at 302 East Emmitt Avenue, and can be reached at (740)-947-2126. It is next to Wendy’s restaurant and Cashland.

Believe it or not, Rite-Aid is the next in line. Although Rite-Aid isn’t as fancy or as well stocked as the other two, it doesn’t leave the shopper wishing they was somewhere else. The store contains both fancy and novelty items, but there is an emphasis on buying what appears to be expensive gifts but sold at a reasonable price. Home dÃ?©cor is one of the main objectives, but the items lack the homely existence found at Bartleys. The items instead are of the modern look. Vases, photo frames and furniture coverings are mostly mass produced items, but are not average department store junk.

Rite-Aid is located at 501 East Emmitt Avenue and can be reached at (740)-947-3017.

All three are within a few minutes driving of each other, and all three provide courteous sales people and quality gifts.

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