Heading Back to School in Style

It is that time of year again. Time to head back to the classroom. Before going back to school though, you will want to head to the department store and pick up the latest fall fashions.

The latest trend for girls is the bohemian look for fall. Pick up those long, flowing skirts or gaucho pants. Toss on a fitted tee and you will have a trendy look. The tailored style is also in. Wear a shrunken blazer over a lace top or a simple tank. You can wear this with either slim fit jeans or a fluted skirt.

The fall fashion trend for boys is the lazy, retro preppy look. Boys should layer their clothing. Try layering a jacket over a t-shirt to wear with dress pants. Don’t forget the polo. They are still in style and should be layered over a t-shirt.

The colors for fall include midnight blue, berry wine, deep purple, mustard yellow and shades of brown for girls. Metallic colors are really hot right now. Boys need to look for darker colors. The hot colors are mustard yellows, midnight blues, and brown.

Accessories are important to any wardrobe. Girls will make a statement with oversized sunglasses, wide headbands and chunky bracelets. Metallic handbags are also a big hit. For boys, pick up a big wrist watch and leather bands.

Don’t forget the shoes! Girls should search for a rugged pair of boots to wear with faded jeans or long skirts. Embellished flats are also still in style for fall. Boys will want to snag a pair of old-school sneakers and a pair of biker style boots.

As always, your hair will make a statement about your personality. The style for girls are darker tones instead of lighter tones for fall. Think bangs or choppy layers. The shaggy, longer hair is back for boys.

Get an A on your report card for fashion when you try these fashion trends. All your friends will be wanting your look.

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