Plus Size Swim Wear: Bathing Suits for Big Beautiful Women

Shopping for plus size swim wear and bathing suits is a lot easier today for a full figured woman than it has ever been. No longer do these women have to stick to unfashionable, unflattering t-shirts and ugly sweatpants when choosing something to wear. Online and offline, there are many more choices for big and beautiful women to choose plus size swim wear and bathing suits. More stores now carry fashionable plus size swim wear, bathing suits, clothing and accessories for today’s real women. However, the goal is not for a woman of larger size to grab any plus size item and feel that she’ll look great in it. Certain clothing is made to flatter certain features, and every woman of every size should consider this before buying any clothes.

Consider your overall shape. It is certainly not true that all plus sized women are of the same shape! All people carry their weight in different places than others. Don’t focus on your hardest to love parts! Think of your best features! Some of these features may include a fuller bust, for some it might be shapelier legs, and for others it may mean having lovely forearms and beautiful facial features. The key is choosing the right clothing to flatter your best and most beautiful body parts. Some women are experts on choosing flattering clothing; it is why some women are able to “hide” their weight better than others.

Now we come to the real question: Is any full sized woman able to look great in plus size swim wear? Absolutely! Plus size swim wear and bathing suits made for plus sized women are usually made to “bring out” the woman’s best features. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Some are more revealing; others are more conservative. The main idea is to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear, while feeling great about yourself! It’s true that you are your worst critic. Stop picking out the not so great features and focusing on your best ones! There is a swimsuit out there for every figure. Good advice is to stick to companies that focus on plus sized women. They specialize in bigger sizes and it will save you a lot of time when you might otherwise be searching through the smaller suits in search of something that’s right for you. Plus sized clothing stores are usually very helpful in helping women find what will make them feel and look their best.

There are some things that you shouldn’t do, even though they may seem appealing. Don’t reach for a big solid black plus size swimsuit! It’s true that black is a slimming color, but you need to break the solid color up and choose something that will flatter the best part of your body. The rule of thumb should be to use a darker color for your problem areas, but flaunt your best parts with attractive prints and colors. They automatically draw the eyes to them and away from less appealing areas. Another myth is that by wearing bulkier clothes or cover ups, you will hide your problem areas! This is not true – clothes that are too big for you make you look heavier. This is why an oversized t-shirt thrown on for the beach to cover up is not a great idea! Not only does it look less attractive, it can make you look heavier. There are many different attractive alternatives to wearing the infamous beach t-shirt! Search different sites online specializing in plus sizes to find one quickly.

Use problem areas to your advantage. For example, if you are concerned about the shape of your legs and hips, try a wrap that is colorful and light. Some are like full length skirts, others are knee length or higher. These are a beautiful way to feel comfortable and look great! More less modest means, tankinis are another great alternative. They consist of shorts and a bikini top or a tank top with bikini-like bottoms. They are a great way to mix and match. They will also accentuate a slimmer waist line and/or flatter a bust or bottom. To cover all areas, a great looking suit is a one piece that has a cute little skirt-like bottom to it. It is an excellent way to flatter your bust and slim your hips and waist. Those mentioned above are just a few of the fashionable styles in swim wear available to full figured women.

There are many different varities of plus size swim wear and bathing suits for plus sized women! The trick is finding the one that is right for your individual shape. So have fun shopping and learning about what works for you and what doesn’t. The most important thing to remember is that when you feel great about yourself, you’ll look great too! Summer is for everyone! Don’t hide – flaunt the unique and beautiful you!

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