Online Clothing Stores for the Plus Sized Teen

Finding the perfect outfit when you are a teen is hard enough, but when you’re a plus sized teen, it’s even harder. A lot of stores simply don’t carry trendy plus sized teen clothing. Online, however, you will find several stores that cater to the needs of the plus sized teen.

  1. Fashion Overdose makes plus sized teen clothing their priority and other sizes secondary. Most teen clothing stores are the exact opposite, offering a very small variety of junior plus sizes. Depending on your style, Fashion Overdose may be exactly what you’re looking for, but it isn’t for everyone. Fashion Overdose is still rather new, but they have plans for a Men’s section as well. The offer tops and bottoms ranging from skirts to trendy tops to t-shirts. The prices are a little high, but the variety is good. They even offer an option that has outfits already assembled, so there’s no guessing about what goes together and what doesn’t.
  1. Hot Topic is one of the few places that offers cool t-shirts for plus sized teens. You’ll find t-shirts for bands, movies, fantasy, etc. They also carry regular tops including corsets. You will find pants and skirts, but mostly it’s about tops and tees. Hot Topic is a gothic store, but there are still shirts for every type of teen.
  1. Macy’sis the perfect place for the preppy plus sized teen. The have shorts, pants, skirts and dresses, tops, tees, and even complete outfits. They have sizes up to 3X (24). Some of the prices are a bit high, but I think the selection makes up for the prices.
  1. Gianna’s Closet and Boutique offers some extremely trendy and fashionable tops for the plus sized teen. These tops are truly amazing. Not only will you be trendy, but you’ll also be sexy. Now these tops aren’t risquÃ?©, but they do add a touch of sexiness to your wardrobe. Some of these tops are casual and some could be used for dates to fancy restaurants. You must see their selection.
  1. PacificPlex offers some of the latest and greatest trends for plus sized teens. Everything from prom dresses to tops to bottoms to coats. It may be a long time until the prom, but PacificPlex have some dresses that are as low as $34.99, with sizes up to 3X. You’re bound to find the perfect prom dress in your size that is also affordable. But other than that, you’ll find great outfits for school. The selection isn’t huge, but the items that are offered are ones you’re going to beg your parents for.
  1. Torrid offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for casual clothes or something a little dressier, you’ll find it at Torrid. They also offer sizes up to size 28. You can clothes to fit the preppie taste in the Work Clothes section, then there are clothes for the laid back teen in the Casual section, then you’ll find clothes for the more adventurous teen in the Club Wear section. Whatever your taste, Torrid offers several choices for the plus sized teen.
  1. b & lu offers clothing for plus sized teens ranging from size 14-30. This store also offers something for every type of plus sized teen. You’ll find denim skirts, dress pants, rock style t-shirts, cute skirts, cute tops ranging from corset tanks to camis. b & lu offers several items that you’ll fall in love with.
  1. Size Appeal offers sexy, chic, trendy, plus sized teen clothing. Granted your parents might not let you get away with some of their items, but others are sexy without being revealing. They also have great sales. The selections are huge and fall under categories such as sex appeal, chic appeal, bare appeal (lingerie and more revealing tops) steal appeal (where the sales can be found) and extra appeal (accessories). Their sizes range from 1X (14) to 4X (28).
  1. Alloy is one of those all time favorites for teens and they also offer plus sized teen clothing up to size 3X (25). They also carry all the items that teens want, from tees to jeans and trendy to casual, it’s all there. They have a large selection to choose from. At Alloy, you’ll be able to buy the same clothes that people who are a size one are buying. Don’t you hate it when a store has all these cute and trendy styles for smaller people, but only have boring clothes in the plus sized teen section?

  1. Alightis another one of the great stores out there that specialize in plus sized teen clothing, offering sizes from 14-28. They also offer the option of searching by size, which really makes things easier. Nothing is worse than finding something you absolutely love only to find out that it’s either too big or too small. The offer your typical trendy teen clothing that only teens can pull off. You’ll find everything from active wear to jackets to ponchos. It’s another must-see clothing store for plus sized teens.

I hope this article makes searching for plus sized teen clothing easier. I’m a plus sized girl, in college, and find it very hard to find clothes at the only local department store, Wal-Mart, so I do most of my clothes shopping online. A great tip is to remember to search the sale and clearance sections for great deals and search a variety of stores so that you find pieces that you’ll love, not just pieces that are so-so.

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