Great Free Online Gaming Sites

Are you a gaming fanatic? Maybe not so much of a hard core gamer but still like play new games? There are numerous places online where you can play countless types of games. The following are some very unique games that are well worth giving a try. AdventureQuest is an action packed roleplaying game. Your adventurer will cross paths with over 600 unique creatures and the team at AdventureQuest is constantly coming up with new quests for you to try. Every can play AdventureQuest for free but if you really enjoy the game you can become a sponsor (also known as a Guardian). Guardians of AdventureQuest have access to leveled up spells, armor and pets as well as access to a training arena and guardian only adventures. The town of Battleon awaits you! Utopia is a hugely popular interactive multi player game played daily by tens of thousands of people. You are about to become the ruler of a small province among the lands of Utopia. You have two goals here: One is two build a strong land making sure that your peasants are well taken care of while building a strong army to defend your land. There are several races and personalities to choose from all that come with their own sets of bonuses as well as their own unique drawbacks but is possible to create a strong province with just about any combination. Your second goal of Utopia is work together with the other provinces in your kingdom to become the strongest kingdom in Utopia. This is mainly done through going to war with other kingdoms. So if you are a fan of strategy based games Utopia is perfect for you. If you love a good mystery or are a fan of old time detective movies you will love playing Sleuth. Select from several different skills sets while creating your super sleuth then you are all set. Work your way through the clues that unfold before you as you question witnesses and interrogate suspects. The game is free for all to play however if you really become a fan of Sleuth you can become a sponsor of the game and gain access to detective agencies, more elaborate cases and the ability to solve more cases per day.

So whether you are a master strategist, a wannabe adventurer or just looking for a cool new game to play these three or any of the other great online games out there are worth checking out.

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