Great Gifts for the Candle Maker

Do you need a gift for a special yet hard to shop for candle maker? Are you looking for something a little less traditional or a bit more zany and entertaining?

Do you know absolutely nothing about candle making and have no clue what to buy?

Then, you’ve come to exactly the right place!

These ideas are clever, practical, and inexpensive. Have a lot of fun watching eyes in a room really light up when the gift receiver opens your gift with its attached message.

1. Money.
“It was burning a hole in my pocket.”

2. A fire extinguisher.
“Thought this might be useful in your line of work.”

3. A yoga or exercise video.
“Feel the burn.”

4. A light bulb.
“Friends like you make the world a brighter place.” or “Lighten Up!”

5. A meat tenderizing spice and a kitchen utensil.
“A butcher and a baker for the candlestick maker.”

6. Air Wick.
“Is something the matter wick you? If I can help, let me know.”
“Good Luck wick your new _________”

7. An engraved lighter.
“In case you ever need a helping hand.”

8. Lighted footwear is not just for kids anymore!
“Light the way!” or “May these be a light unto your path.”

9. A Flashlight
“You turn me on.”

10. An antique or crystal lamp.
“You light up my life.” (Trite, but the sentiment is still there.)

11. A customized matchbook holder.
“Our friendship is a match made in heaven.”

12. A box of sparklers.
“Oooh pretty!” or “Burn at only one end of the stick.”

13. A floating candle crystal dish or centerpiece.
“I’ll be your candle on the water.” (Song from Pete’s Dragon)

14. Colored Wax Pinecones or Fire Starter Logs
“Burn, baby burn.”

15. The Movie “Flicka” a great video about a horse, a young girl’s dreams and the courage it takes for her to reach them.
“From one Flicka to another Flicka” or “How about a Chick Flicka?”

16. Kitchen Trash Bags
“Out wick the old.”

17. A bottle of wine in the year’s vintage. (Great idea for New Year’s Eve parties!)
“Out wick the old, in wick the New.”

18. A snuffer.
“When a snuff is a snuff.”

Super gift ideas do not have to be overly complicated! Make a point in light-hearted way!

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