Great Online Resources for African Music Radio Stations

Welcome to a land of rythmic, pulsating beats and semi-traditional rythyms. You are now listening to african hip-hop. If you close your eyes and just listen to the sounds, you soon forget that you don’t know what they are saying. The beats are very catchy and soon you are moving in time to the beat and snapping your fingers in syncopated time…aaah…wonderful.

African music, although very new, is slowly beginning to make an appearance into the international market. As more media companies start to make inroads into the African continent, the discovery and subsequent exposure of talented groups is beginning to influence the music market.

MTV’s Base promotes artists in Africa and frequently sponsors talent shows in the Diaspora. To get an idea of some of the music that is out there, I have put together a list of stations that will provide an excellent overview of the talent and music available. Musicians sing in English, French, Swahili and local languages.

1. Mtaa FM – This is an excellent station featuring some of the hottest groups and music from Africa in general and East Africa in particular. The music is mixed by a talented DJ who does much to add to the excitement of the music.

2. African Hip Hop Radio – Catch your favorite West African rappers here. Their music is great and extremely creative.

3. Sierra Leone Radio – They offer a more traditional sounding style of music, mostly from Sierra Leone. Great music though.

4. Capital FM and Kiss FM – both based in Nairobi, they offer you an insight into the youth culture in Kenya. They both play music from Kenya, UK, US and India.

5. Kaya FM – Radio station from South Africa. Features music and contemporary issues.

6. Nile Radio – Radio station from Cairo, Egypt that plays a variety of music from western contemporary to egyptian urban. It’s music influences are largely Arabic. Great rythms and an insight into the music trends of Egypt.

Although this is just a teaser, there are a large number of sites that are offering great music online. So why not log in, log on and enjoy your African vibes.

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