Top Ten Songs by the Eagles

Formed in Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s, The Eagles are an American rock music group. They went on to great success in the ’70s era with four hit albums and five hit singles. They were a favorite for many people of that time. To be perfectly truthful, the music listed below – their early music is a hybrid.

Their first music was a hybrid of country and bluegrass instrumentation transforming some California surfer rock into their own. The originators of this idea were singer/ songwriters such as Gram Parsons, Jackson Browne, J. D. Souther, and Warren Zevon. From this Beach-Boys-esque foundation, The Eagles changed the face of rock ‘n’ roll and enthralled millions of people to their sound.

The Eagles first album, simply titled, “Eagles” was more country, pure and innocent, but it ultimately did not carry the overall appeal of their next album. However, Eagles was the introduction of two of their best singles, Take It Easy and Witchy Woman with a bonus of Peaceful Easy Feelin’. With the concept of Old West outlaws as a theme, The Eagles introduced their own style of songwriting with the more popular “Desperado”.

In Desperado, several of The Eagles most rewarding and popular songs can be found, including Tequila Sunrise and Desperado. Some of which are on my list of the Top Ten Songs. Then The Eagles went on to even greater success with On The Border, an album in which the soulful songs, Already Gone and Best of My Love make this one of their coolest albums ever. The fourth album the band released in 1975 offered more of their greatness, introducing us to such phenomenal songs as One of These Nights, Lyin Eyes, Take It To The Limit, and After the Thrill is Gone. The title track was number one on Billboard’s charts on August 2,1975.

Still, nothing they had done before could rival the successful of their next album. The Eagles Greatest Hits (1971-1975) was released in early 1976. Selling over 29 million copies to date, the album quickly became the best-selling album in US history. It was filled with their most rewarding songs of the time, giving everyone something to enjoy, including “Take It Easy”, “Witchy Woman”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “Already Gone”, “Desperado”, “One of These Nights”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Take It to The Limit”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, and “Best of My Love”.

These are not all of my Top Ten Best Eagles Song list. But you can’t dismiss the music that The Eagles released on their next album, Hotel California (1976). The title track alone, Hotel California is one of their greatest works ever made, becoming a #1 hit in Billboard on May 7, 1977. New Kid in Town was a #1 hit in Billboard on Feb. 26, 1977 and their equally great – if not better, Life in The Fast Lane was not only a hit but its title ushered in a new catch phrase to pop culture, making it one of their top ten.

1) Hotel California – ‘you can check out any time you like’ but do you really want to? That’s the question you’ll have to ask yourself in listening to this enthralling song about a friendly hotel.

2) Take It To The Limit – a great and easy-going rock song that should make you sing along whether you want to or not.

3) Peaceful Easy Feeling – it certainly brings about some peaceful easy feelings, but it also makes it impossible to keep from singing along with.

4) Tequila Sunrise – a soulful and complex song that fills you fill of soothing melodies during and after the time you hear. Among all of their songs, the lyrics in this one may be the easiest to carry with you.

5) Life in The Fast Lane – it’s not heavy rock (it’s no Metallica), but maybe that’s a good thing. It’s a fun rock song that keeps any long drive seem to go by much faster and easier – whether or not you are in the ‘fast lane’.

6) Desperado – a great song with great lyrics and even a great message behind it all. You can really feel the words in which singer, Don Henley is using.

7) Witchy Woman – great fun, great sound, ultimately a great song that you should not pass up.

8) One of These Nights – a great song, offering some of The Eagles’ most popular lyrics.

9) Lyin’ Eyes – it’s not their best but it certainly belongs on the top ten list, regardless.

10) Already Gone – a great, soulful song that may not be the easiest to sing along with, but is one of their top ten best.

Now these songs may be 30 years old, but they’re worth a listen no matter how what. The Eagles were and are one of the greatest bands with just a few of the greatests songs of the 21st Century.

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