Great Tips on Outdoor Lighting for Walkways

Outdoor walkways can become dangerous once the sun goes down. With the right tips it is easy to illuminate outdoor walkways with the right type of landscaping lighting. Not only can lighting your pathways provide increased safety and security for your family, but it can also help to set a dramatic mood and look for your home after dark. Think of lighting your walkways as a way to landscape your property with light.

Before you begin your outdoor walkway light project it is helpful to know the several different types of landscape lights and the pros and cons of each.
Low Voltage type landscape lights receive their power for a wire that runs back to a central transformer, which usually plugs into a GFCI protected outlet in your home. These types of lights have the advantage of being easy to install, although you will have to dig a trench to each light to bury the wire.

High Voltage landscape lights generally need one or several dedicated circuits, which must run back to your home’s electrical breaker panel box. Generally this type of system is dangerous to install yourself, and if you want to go this route – you should engage the services of a licensed electrician.

Solar Powered Lights don’t need any external power source; they store solar electric during the day. Solar lights are extremely environmentally friendly, and they can save you some money on your utility bill as well. There are no wires to bury, so solar lights offer flexibility in that you can place them just about anywhere. Solar lights are inexpensive, and very safe to use. Generally these lights can be found in multipacks for ten dollars or less per light.

Because of all the advantages of Solar – for this project it is recommended that the do it yourself installer utilize Solar lights.

Begin by planning out where along your walkways to place the lights. Try to achieve a uniform look, and stick to installing the lights along only one side of the path if possible. Most solar landscape lights come in a ” stake ” style, where you can just push the light into the ground, and the light will illuminate equally on all sides. Some manufacturers make solar lights, which are specially designed for lighting pathways and walkways. These lights feature a flexible spotlight head that is designed to throw light down on to the walking path.

You will want to ensure that whatever type of solar light you choose that the light is always directed to the walk path. As a safety matter, if the light source is aimed upward it can temporarily blind a person’s night vision creating a possible tripping hazard.

Lastly, just be sure to be careful not to over do the lighting. Nothing looks as unprofessional as a walkway with too many walkway lights. This is a case of less is more. Too many lights can detract from the appearance of your property.

With these simple guidelines you can add safety and beauty to your property with a walkway lighting project of your own.

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