Custom Night Light

Have you ever wanted to make your child their very own night light, whether it be of one of their favorite cartoon character or possibly a certain theme? While it may seem like a tall task at first, making your child their very own night light is not only easy, but it’s very inexpensive too. Following this easy do it yourself; you can give your child their favorite night light at the fraction of the cost.

Materials for this project


*Acrylic water based paint

*Paint brushes

*Fine sand paper


*Super glue

*Clear white primer

Preparing your night light

If you don’t own one already, you will want to purchase a night light from the store. Once you have the night light, remove the protective cover and begin laying out your design on the Plexiglas. You can make your design as big or as small as you want, but keep in mind that the bigger you make the design, the less light will actually show through. If you already have a preselected cartoon character or scene, see if you can print it out and make a paper stencil out of it, this will allow for accuracy and also allow you to be as precise in the shaping as possible. Cut out each piece slowly with the Dremel, being sure to follow the lines as close as possible. If it’s easier you can cut slightly away from the lines and then sand it down later. After each piece has been cut, take your fine sandpaper and begin to sand down all sharp edges and corners of the Plexiglas.

Finishing your night light

After each piece has been properly cut and sanded down, attach the pieces together with the use of super glue. It is best to allow twenty four hours between each separate gluing so that the part that was glued can be checked and re-glued if necessary. After piecing your nightlight together, spray it with clear white primer as a base or permanent coat. If you are planning on painting the night light, wait twenty four hours for the primer to dry before doing so. Be sure to use two coats of acrylic paint as it will help to prevent wear and chipping in the future. Do not apply a paint sealer to the night light as it can be hazardous to children. Cut all but the attachment piece from the original night light and attach it to the new night light cover using super glue. Allow drying for twenty four hours before plugging the night light in.If your decorative cover is to large for the night light, you can use adhesive tape to attach it to the wall over the night light. Be sure when doing so that you cut a small hole to separate the night light from the cover.

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