What to Consider When Looking for an Apartment

I have enjoyed apartment searching. I have enjoyed it with friends and with myself. I am happy with the place I now call home, so I hope something(s) in my article will help you too to find a great apartment.

I looked at an apartment that was a house converted into five apartments. I liked the price. But I did not like that anyone in the world could walk in the front door and then the only “security” I would have would be the lock on my door. I wish that the owner of the apartments could have given each resident the same key for the main door. In addition the washer/dryer were in a dark basement with a narrow staircase making the access not extremely convenient. In addition it was too college reminding to me as the washer/dryer were coin operated.

I looked at an apartment that was above a tea shop. I was really excited about the story line in my life that this apartment could shape. I was not excited that the tea shop would have guests using my hall bathroom. In addition I was not excited that I would have to enter through the shop to get to my apartment. Then there would be the noise of the shop to consider. The rent was great and the character of the apartment was even greater. But all things considered this would not be an apartment for me.

Then I looked at an apartment that was very nice but the bathroom was accessed thru the bedroom and I did not like that. For example, I would feel like my bedroom would always have to be presentable. In addition when guests would stay they would have to come through my bedroom to get to the bathroom not fun for those that use the bathroom during the “wee” hours of the morning.

I took into consideration if I wanted outside entrance or inside entrance. I chose outside entrance. I liked being able to see my door before approaching it. Yes, I understand that temperature of the apartment is more altered with this type of entrance. In addition I understand that carpet in the apartment can dirty quicker when considering that your shoes are coming right from outside on to the inside of your apartment.

I choose an apartment with a patio. I wanted the luxury of being able to enjoy outside especially with lawn chairs and flowers. A playground was not important to me but maybe important to those with age appropriate children.

I highly recommend telling people via word of mouth that you are moving. By doing this not only did I gain people to help with moving but I also gained items for my apartment. I was blessed by many people offering to buy me items or give me money to buy them myself.

Take into consideration if your apartment has a car port, garage, or outside only parking. Obviously pet restrictions need to be researched. The one apartment that I visited had a pet only section for residents.

Outside storage is highly recommended for such items as garden equipment and other outdoor equipment. See if screen doors can be purchased through the rental office.

Take note the terms of your leasing contract. My apartment lets me hang or paint anything that I want. In addition my apartment automatically renews for another year of residence unless I tell them I moving out within two months of the lease being terminated.

See if free firewood is available. See if Continental breakfast is available. Observe if there is an outside area designated on the property to wash your vehicle. Inquiry as to if there is a community room that you can rent which is helpful for the occasion that I would want more than three people over as my apartment is small.

A friend of mine considered square footage versus price when she searched for an apartment. To me location was more important that size. I have many of my major stores that I shop near me in addition within twenty minutes of work.

My least favorite aspect of my apartment is that it does not have an executive center. The one apartment that I looked at did have an executive center making computers, internet, fax machines, and copiers available 24/7.

Another of my friend’s lives above a candy shoppe, where she also works as a second/fun job, these days any job close to home can be considering a blessing.

Twenty-four hour maintenance service is highly recommended. I highly recommend having a tool kit even with twenty-four hour maintenance. I needed my tool kit my first day in my apartment. Renter’s insurance is also recommended, for my apartment I could not move it without proof of insurance.

The one apartment that I visited made me upset. I set up a time for an appointed tour. They handed me a book to take a book tour. They were so full to capacity that even their model apartment was being rented. I asked them why they did not tell me that I was not going to be able to see an actual apartment at the time of my tour, basically the response was if you do not ask you do not find out that information.

The best thing I learned about apartment searching was to call the local police department and ask them what kind of reports that the get for the area that you are considering. This gave me an extra insight.

You many want to consider what type of community events the apartment complex holds. In addition you may want to consider if a community board is available for you to post items to sell and/or buy. My apartment accepts UPS and Fed Ex at the rental office and then I get a slip of paper in my mailbox notifying that I have a package ready.

There are many aspects to consider when selecting an apartment. I will leave you with this final note, and that it to keep notes! I choose to write my comments in a magazine that contained local apartments and write in the margins. You may want to take a spiral bound notebook and call it “Apartments” and organize the spiral accordingly, taking note of whom you spoke to at the rental office.

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