Tips for Using Pam Cooking Spray

For years I have been using Pam cooking spray, which to me is a very good non-sticking all purpose spray. I have always had problems with my food sticking to the point where I can’t get the food out. So when I first started using this spray, I was very pleased and amazed by the things that this spray can do to help you in so many different ways besides cooking. So a few good tips for all you Pam users to keep in mind are:

1. From being in the beauty industry there is so many tricks of the trade from flat beer to get your hair shiny or even putting mayonnaise in your hair for a conditioner. Well how about trying to use Pam on someones hair to get gum out or even a small drop of Pam can make your hair shiny. I know this may sound crazy, but one day at the shop I had a customer come in who had gum in her hair, and at that certain timing we didn’t have any peanut butter or WD-40, which also help take gum out of a persons hair. The girl was very nervous because she thought I would have to cut it out, well I looked in the back of the shop and I found a can of Pam from a costumer that has given us a bag of cooking items. I sprayed the Pam on her hair to the point that it was wet, but not soaked. Then took a huge fine tooth comb and combed it through the hair. This worked great all the gum came out in about 5 minutes. So if you end up having a child come to you with gum in their hair just break out the Pam.

2. Another trick I have learned from being in the beauty industry was, that Pam helps your nail polish on your fingers or toes dry a lot quicker than the nail oil they use at the salon. This must sound a little far fetched for you, but every time when I use to get my nails done at the salon, I would try to be so careful not to have them ruined before I left the shop. I would always make sure that I used the nail oil to dry them faster, so I didn’t have to stay there any longer than what I had to. Well it never failed I always messed them up, so one of my friends told me that instead of using the nail oil at the salon she used Pam to dry her nails. I thought she was crazy at first , but when I saw her break out with the Pam at the salon, I figured I would give it a shot. This is the best tip if you want to dry your nails faster without messing them up completely. Just make sure your spray them a few inches away from your nails, and don’t go overboard on spraying them. It just takes a quick spray to work.

3. It’s always great having a chef somewhere in your family, because you can learn so much from them. I have learned from the chef in my family that, when you are baking a cake or cookies or even brownies, always make sure first that you spray the dish with lots of Pam. Then when you are ready to take out the dish that you prepared, take a knife or a spatula spray it with Pam, then lift the item from the dish.With the Pam it makes it so much easier and slides right out of the dish instead of sticking on you. Next one is when you are grilling on the grill, you can spray the grill racks before you lay your food on them. This will prevent your meat or chicken from sticking.

4. Not until now that I discovered this next tip which is gonna sound strange, but it works. Ever have your cat litter that you bought stick together so much that everything in the litter box looks like one huge clump? Well if you have, then spray a few sprays of Pam into the litter box, this will prevent that from happening. I just got a cat a few months ago and I had such a hard time trying to find that right kitty litter for my cat. The one that I bought was making such a mess, where I felt so bad for my kitten to have to even go in it. So one of my neighbors told me to spray the Pam in the litter box. Wanting to make my kitty happy, I tried this procedure, and it was one of the best tips I have received in a very long time. Sounds crazy, but It sure does work.

5. Last thing about this item would be not only is it all natural, but it’s fat free. So all the dieters out there can cook with this as much as they want, and not have to worry about how many calories or fat is in this spray.

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