Ways to Recycle Tissue Boxes

When you get a cold or the sniffles, you reach for your favorite brand of tissues. Whether your allergies call for Kleenex or Puffs Plus, you are left with the tissue box in your hand at the end of the day. Should you just toss the box into the garbage, or is there something more that you can do with it?

As everyone’s thoughts turn toward going green and thinking about the earth, we need to start rethinking our options when it comes to recycling. We can’t just stop at recycling our cans, glass, and newspapers. When we really put our minds to it, we can probably find a great alternative use for about anything. Here are some great ideas to recycle your empty tissue boxes.

Valentine’s Day Card Holder

If your child participates in the Valentine’s Day festivities at school, they probably pass out little cards adorned with familiar cartoon characters. They most probably need a Valentine’s box to store their cards, too. Whenever it comes time to creating a Valentine’s Day box, think no further than your bathroom. A Kleenex box or other facial tissue container works great. The opening for the tissues is just the right size for slipping in those Valentine’s Day cards.

Your child can decorate the outside of the tissue box with construction paper, tape, paint, lace, or aluminum foil. Let your youngster be creative while recycling this household item. This project not only helps the environment, but it also keeps the cost low and helps the family budget.

Trash Container

One of my favorite ways to recycle my old facial tissue boxes is to use them as tiny trash containers. If your family is anything like mine, it seems you are always looking for a trash can. By keeping a recycled Puffs box on your desk or counter, you will always have a trash receptacle within arm’s reach. The tissue box is small and compact and does not get in your way, yet it is just large enough to toss a used tissue, piece of gum, or a handful of crumbs without having to walk across the room. In fact, this idea is not only environmentally friendly, but it keeps your pace and efficiency going strong.

Plastic Bag Dispenser

We all know the impact that plastic bags have on our environment. Instead of getting a dozen plastic bags each time you go to the store, recycle your bags every week. As you unpack your groceries, empty your bread bag, or read the newspaper, toss those plastic bags into a tissue box. The next time you need a plastic bag, you will know just where to reach. Grab that newspaper bag to store your wet umbrella on a rainy day. Take the entire tissue box with you when you go to a store like Aldi’s and you are ready to go. This tip to recycle your tissue box will keep your plastic bags handy and organized.


Do your kids like to play games? Don’t spend big bucks on a bingo set. Use your recycled tissue boxes to make your own. The bottoms of tissue boxes are just the right size to make your own bingo cards. You can either make the standard bingo numbers or customize the game to your child’s age and abilities, such as by colors or animals.

Use the sides of the tissue boxes to create the markers for the game. Also, create the calling numbers with the sides of the tissue boxes.

Store all of the bingo set inside an empty tissue box with the top removed. This will make storage simple and easy. You can use the storage box to hold the calling numbers during the game. This craft will be fun for parents and kids alike.


If your non-profit group is planning a raffle, keep some tissue boxes on hand. Cover each box with the group’s logo or pictures of the prize and you have the perfect container to store the raffle tickets. The opening is the perfect size for the raffle tickets and the box does not take up much room if you are limited on space.

You can do your part for the environment by recycling your everyday items. Putting these tips to use will help our environment.

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