Kidkraft Large Play Kitchen: A Review

The Kidkraft Large Play Kitchen is the best choice for you little one. My kids absolutely love this kitchen. You will see their imagination bloom when they are playing in this kitchen!

I want to mention that little boys love this kitchen just as much as girls. I know because I have two kids that are pre-k and kindergarten age. The little guy loves it just as much as my girl. For older children I think that it would mainly be for girls.

This kitchen has so much for them to do. It really keeps them busy for literally hours on end. It has an oven, refrigerator, microwave. Of course it has the traditional sink. They love to do the old traditional things that we did on our play kitchens when we were little, like playing cooking and washing dishes. There is lots of storage space above and below the sink for all of their little pots, pans, dishes and utensils that they collect. All of the features such as the stove burners and sink faucet are very realistic looking and my kids really love that. This kitchen is made very sturdy. It is made out of wood not plastic like most of the play kitchens. That was key in my decision to buy this particular kitchen. Both of my kids play with it at the same time and they are not exactly gentle and it has held up now for quite a while. That is a big plus in my book. When I spend money on something I definitely want it to last. I also love the fact that it is large enough and has so much to do that several kids can play together in this kitchen at the same time. When my kids have a couple of friends over this kitchen is the first thing they go for and they don’t fight because there is plenty of fun stuff for all four of them. They never get tired of this kitchen. There is a lot of storage. I have bought lots of play food and other items for them to fill up the cabinets and shelves with. It is just great.

The price on this play kitchen is about one hundred and twenty five dollars. It is worth every penny of the money I paid. They play with it everyday and they have had it for almost a year now. That is what I call getting my moneys worth. No worries about it falling apart and no worries about them getting bored with it and it turning out like to be a waste of money like many toys are. For the extra few dollars you get a lot more! The construction does take a while but it is not too bad. If you are not great at putting things together I do recommend getting some help. The directions are very clear and uncomplicated it is just a time consuming process.

I recommend this to anyone thinking about buying their little one a play kitchen. You will not regret it because your child will love it and get lots of use out of it.

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