Wrinkled paths in a timber less society.
Walls of franchised steel embarking and
towering combustion filled skies.
An ocean that slaps its angered waves
at the impure remnants now invading
the shoreline gathering its ritual debris
as it journeys back out to sea.
Atop lies the slimy oil that hazes in the calm.
Unseen sea creatures now struggling to carry on.
Time and erosion have done their part
but the real intrusion was our selfish infusion.
Plastic now adorns like a seaweed mold
Blocking the heat and leaving them cold.
A heartless man drops an empty can.
Soon it will join the other relics on the ocean floor
A hard rotted moss covered tire now stuck in the mire.
Angered protesters rally to stop the intrusion while
others smile, following their destructive delusion.
Dolphins now crying their silent prayer
hoping for some help and someone to care.

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