Great Week for the Chicago Bears

As we head toward Week 12 of the NFL schedule I can’t help but look back to how great Week 11 was for the Chicago Bears.

Here’s what went right for the Bears in Week 11.

Bears Win – Despite spotting the Ravens a 10-0 the Bears came back to beat the Ravens in overtime 23-20. Josh McCown struggled early, but rebounded nicely going 19 of 31 for 216 yards and posting a QB rating of 92.9. McCown also threw a TD and had no interceptions. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Jay Cutler, but I would not be heartbroken if the Bears resigned McCown for next season to be a stop gap while they draft and develop their next franchise quarterback. The money they would save by doing this could go towards fixing the defense! But that’s a topic for another day).

Lions Lose
– Sooner or later we knew the Lions would turn into the Lions. Thankfully that happened against the Steelers as the Lions lost 37-27. The Lions scored all 27 of their points in the second quarter and look well on their way to an easy win over the Steelers. Up 27-23 in the fourth Lions coach Jim Schwartz inexplicably opted for a fake field instead of a chip shot that would have put his team up by a touchdown. Not sure why he did that, but thanks Jim! Games like this are why the Lions will never quite get over the hump. Dumb players, dumb coach. Lots of talent.

Packers LoseAaron Rodgers won’t be out forever, so we need them to pile up as many losses as possible while he’s out. Packers were on the road against a red hot Giants team that has now won 4 in a row after starting the season 0-6. The Giants beat the Packers 27-13. Packer starting QB Scott Tolzien played went 24 of 34 for 339 yards, which looks great except he threw three pics, one of which was pic six.

49ers Lose – A couple weeks ago it was pretty much automatic that the 49ers would either win the NFC West or nab the top wildcard spot. After last week’s loss to Carolina and this weeks loss to the Saints, the 49ers are now tied with the Bears and Arizona Cardinals at 6-4.

I know it doesn’t really matter much, but the Vikings lost as well. About the only thing that went wrong in week 11 is that the Cardinals won, but most people didn’t even realize they had reeled off three straight wins and were in the playoff hunt.

Hopefully Week 12 is as good to the Bears as Week 11 was.

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