Green Works Natural Products: Review

Clorox came out with an all natural way to clean your home. I’ve been using the Green Works products for a couple of months. There are some positives and negatives to the products. I’ve used the Green Works natural bathroom cleaner, Natural All-purpose cleaner, and Green Works Natural dilatable cleaner. The bathroom cleaner and all-purpose cleaner come in a spray bottle and the dilatable cleaner comes in a bottle to use to as a refill or to use in mop water or for the spray bottles.

I tried these products to avoid the chemicals associated with standard cleaners and for a household that has allergies. Using a standard cleaner the smells of the chemicals is strong and tough on people with allergies and asthma. Usually I have to use a bandanna on my face to not inhale the chemicals to flare of my asthma. The Green works products don’t’ have that chemical smell. They are made of coconut, corn-based ethanol, water and lemon oil. They don’t contain phosphorus and Clorox.

The Green Works bathroom cleaner is my favorite of the three. I tested it on my bathroom soap scum. I was impressed on how easy it was to use, even for a teenager. It was easy to spray on the bathtub and cleaner with a sponge. I left it on for a few minutes and then with a little elbow grease wipe clean. I’ve tried things like Ajax, Scrubbing bubbles and Comet. The Green Works bathroom cleaner cleaned better then all three standard bathroom cleaners.

The Green Works All-purpose cleaner was my second favorite cleaner. It has some positive aspects to it. I’ve found that it’s good to spray and wipe off counter tops and windows. It’s not good for cutting any grime or deep cleaning areas. I prefer using dilated vinegar, even if my kitchen smells like a caesar salad, when I’m done. The vinegar is more economical and does the same job.

The Green Works Natural Dilatable cleaner is my least liked product. I did initially like this product, but don’t anymore. When I first used it seemed to clean my floor okay, but it didn’t penetrate into the pours in my vinyl floor. This floor is something I’ve struggled with cleaning since buying my home. It has these deep pours and nothing seems to get it clean. I’ve tried getting on my hands and knees and that does me no good. The dilatable cleaner is good for adding to a spray bottle to clean a counter or window. The only draw back its soapy, even when you use dilated to the recommended amount.

I would say all 3 products are good for allergy and asthma homes. The bathroom cleaner I will definitely continue to use. I may go back to the natural dilatable cleaner if I was trying to clean a non-porous floor. All in All Clorox is on a good road developing these products for going green for the environment and for the health of people.

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