Gregory Denali Pro Pack Review

price, material, durability

makes some noise, zippers get lots of stress

The Bottom Line
For the money this is a great pack. It is a little heavy and not the most comfortable but good all around.

Full Review
Gregory gear has a reputation for being great gear. Its packs and some of its other gear have been prasied by backpacker magazine in years past.


The pack it self is very waterproof. As with any waterproof labeled gear you have to take it with a grain of salt. Any piece of equipment exposed to wind and rain for an extended period of time is eventually going to get damp. The pack stays pretty dry by its self. But if you put a pack cover over it your gear will be more dry than you are by the time you setup camp.


The bag is to big for my liking but then again I like to travel light. For all of you gear buffs who like to bring all state of the art gear there is plenty of room. The pack is 6588 cubic inches. That is plenty of room to pack everything I could think of and then more. If you dont fill up the pack there are straps on the side you can use to cinch the bag tight. There is a large pocket on the outside to store gear and to access the main body of the bag. This section can be tuff to zip up if your running with a full bag. There are also gear straps on the outside of the pocket for hanging gear like sandals or wet clothes.


This may not be the most comfortable pack ever made but for the money you cant get much better. There is a molded back panel that is great on your back even after a long day. The shoulder straps seem a bit narrow but not uncomfortable. The hip belt also seems a little small, but again not uncomfortable. The area where the shoulder straps meet the backpack have a tendancy to squeak after some use. This can be pretty annoying and I haven’t found a way to fix it yet.



Ease Of Use: Good

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