Grill Review: Ducane 12002101 Propane Gas Grill

The Ducane 12002101 is a propane gas grill constructed of cast aluminum. It offers a total cooking space of 436 square inches so that you can cook several foods on the grill at once. You can find the Ducane 12002101 for an average price of $265. Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by this propane gas grill.

The Ducane 12002101 is equipped with a rotary ignition. This allows you to ignite the grill safely and easily by simply twisting the knob. The Ducane 12002101 also features observation ports. Therefore, you can always tell when the burners are lit. You can even see if the burners are lit on the sunniest days.

The Ducane 12002101 features two stainless steel burners and grates. The two burners can produce up to 25,000 BTUs. The stainless steel cooking grates on the Ducane 12002101 help the grill distribute heat evenly. Also, thanks to their stainless steel construction, the cooking grates are extremely easy to clean.

When you purchase the Ducane 12002101, you will have the option of choosing either a stainless steel or black base. The base of the grill is equipped with four caster wheels so that you can easily transport the unit. Also, the casters on the Ducane 12002101 can be locked so that the grill remains stable during use.

The Ducane 12002101 propane gas grill measures 57 x 51 x 33 inches. It offers a primary cooking space of 310 square inches and a secondary space of 126 square inches. This totals 436 inches of cooking space so that you can cook multiple dishes on the Ducane 12002101 at once.

The lid on the Ducane 12002101 is constructed of cast aluminum and has side-mounted handles. The unit is also equipped with a side shelf. This provides a convenient area to store your tools and sauces while you cook on the grill. The side shelf on the Ducane 12002101 is made from polyethylene which is resistant to weather and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a propane gas grill, then you should consider buying the Ducane 12002101. With a rotary ignition, you can easily ignite the grill by simply twisting the knob. You will also be able to tell when the burners are lit thanks to the observation ports. The Ducane 12002101 is also equipped with four caster wheels for easy transport. The wheels can also be locked so that the grill remains stable.

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