Gross Food Ideas for a Halloween Party

A Halloween party wouldn’t be much of a party without gross party food. Don’t serve hot dogs and hamburgers this Halloween. Instead of ordinary Halloween party food, make extraordinary Halloween party food that fits a gross and gruesome Halloween party theme.

The following ideas for Halloween party food will gross out even the most hardcore horror fans. Try these gross and gruesome food ideas for your Halloween party, and your party will be a big hit. These food ideas are easy, delicious, impressive, and best of all, these Halloween party food ideas are gross and exceptionally gruesome.

Severed Hand Punch

Do you want to give ordinary red punch a hand? How about two or three hands? This is one of the cleverest ideas for chilling red punch while adding gross and gruesome appeal to a Halloween party. Your Halloween party guests will definitely be impressed with this clever idea.

Fill clean latex gloves with a sweetened blue or purple drink of your choice, and secure the open ends. Place the drink-filled gloves over items in the freezer to bend the fingers. When you’re ready to serve red punch of your choice, cut away the latex gloves, and place the severed hands in the punch. The blue or purple severed hands will keep the punch cool while adding gross appeal to the party.

Bloodshot Eyes

If you like deviled eggs, make Halloween party eggs that are sure to gross out all the guests. Boil the eggs as usual, and after they are cool enough to handle, gently crack the shells while leaving them intact. Place the cracked eggs back in the water along with a tablespoon of vinegar and plenty of red food dye. Let the eggs soak in the red water for 20 or 30 minutes. When the eggs are peeled, they’ll be covered with cracks that resemble the veins in bloodshot eyes.

Prepare your favorite deviled egg recipe, and add blue or green food coloring to the deviled egg filling. Create the eyes by filling egg white halves with the colored mixture. Cut the ends off whole black olives, and center the corneas in the colored yolk mixture. These bloodshot eyes are sure to gross out everyone at the party!

Bloody Fingers

This is one of the best ideas for gross and gruesome Halloween party food. Prepare your usual recipe for meatballs, and instead of making typical round meatballs, turn them into long tapering fingers. Add fingernails by inserting slivered almonds near the tips. Carefully brown the fingers, and top them with your favorite spaghetti sauce. Halloween party guests will definitely find these fingers gross and gruesome.

A Skull Full of Worms

It’s amazing how ordinary food turns into something gross when given a ghastly name and served in a frightening manner. Turn ordinary spaghetti into a gross and gruesome pile of worms by serving it in a plastic skull. You can find plastic skulls in the Halloween aisle of most discount stores. Simply cook spaghetti as usual, and toss it with your favorite sauce inside a plastic skull. Ordinary spaghetti is suddenly transformed into a shockingly good party dish that will gross out all the guests.

Skin and Bones

Looking for appetizer ideas for your Halloween party? Serve a skull full of brains with a pile of skin and bones. Bake your favorite bread sticks as usual, and fry strips of bacon until they are fully cooked but not quite crisp. Drain the bacon on paper towels, and after it’s cool enough to handle, wrap the bacon around the breadsticks. Warm the skin-covered bones in the microwave before the meal, and drizzle them with spaghetti sauce of your choice for a bloody good Halloween party appetizer to remember.

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