Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for some great Halloween costume ideas, but have waited until the last minute, there’s no need to despair. You can look great and come across as clever and spirited even if you don’t have much prep time. Some of the best Halloween costume ideas are easy to do at the last minute. Because last minute Halloween costume ideas are more about being clever or creative than putting a lot of hard work into an elaborate get-up, they’re some of the smartest and funniest costume ideas out there. These last minute Halloween costume ideas will let you get into the full swing of the holiday, even if you’re already on your way out the door (or even in the car!) on the way to a party.

Go As Yourself
This is the simplest of all last minute Halloween costume ideas. Just turn the everyday garb you threw on this morning into a clever costume by officially going as yourself for Halloween. All you need to do for this great Halloween costume is to slap on a nametag, or throw a paper or cardboard sign on around your neck that says “me.” If you have feel like indulging in a little bit of preparation, you can grab a white t-shirt at the store and write your name on it in huge block letters, but you needn’t bother. In many ways the best way this more subtle this last minute Halloween costume is, the better it will come off, and the funnier it will be.

Go As A Pirate
All you need, and I mean ALL you need, to pull off this last minute Halloween costume is a cheap eye patch you can pick up at any five and dime during the Halloween season. Slap it on, greet people with a hearty “AARGH, matey!” and you’re utterly and completely a pirate. Plus, if you’re stopping by a Halloween event on your way to something a bit less whimsical, you can just slip off the eyepatch and look completely normal, which makes this one of the best last minute Halloween costume ideas if you’re attending a party in the days just before Halloween, when less people are out and about in outlandish gear than on the day itself. If you have time for something slightly more elaborate than just an eyepatch, toss on a summery shirt and be a pirate of the Caribbean. Or, for a modern twist, carry a keyboard and go as an Internet Pirate who downloads music illegally, or bring a camera and tell everyone you’re pirating movies.

Just Your Face
If you want to do something fun but don’t have time to change your clothes, try one of these Halloween costume ideas for last minute makeup. Go as a misshapen clone by drawing on a few extra eyes, or as a victim of the plague by drawing a few pox on your face. Or, try one of the most fun last minute makeup-only Halloween costumes: zombie! All you need for this last minute Halloween costume idea is a tiny bit of makeup, and a lot of attitude. For the full effect, smear on a grotesque mixture of white face and green face paint, and draw red circles around your eyes for a truly un-dead look, or just add a low-key trickle of blood coming from your mouth and stagger around with outstretched arms, muttering about brains.

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