Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. Most of us are planning for our cooking marathon, but we also need to keep our guests’ entertainment in mind. I know, in my family, that loud conversations across the table will be the activity of the day. But, what about our younger guests? Here are some ideas to keep them busy and thankful for a day of fun.

Let Them Help

Kids love to be a part of the hustle and bustle. Here are some ways they can take charge.

Set the Table – Use printed diagrams to give them independence.

Create Centerpieces – You provide the supplies, the kids provide their sense of design.

Party Favors – Have guests bring their favorite family recipes. Kids can type and print them to create a wonderful party favor. Don’t forget to provide the binders, pretty paper, stickers, and to include your Thanksgiving menu. Each family can go home with a special cookbook to share!

Kid Kave

We have all heard of the “Man Cave.” Well, on Thanksgiving, why not have a Kid Kave?

Convert your Garage or Basement – set up video games, ping-pong, and furniture to give the kids some space to be loud and play. Our family has done this, and we find the adults enjoy this space as well!

Be Thankful

Create a Thankful Wreath – Have kids paint the clothespins ahead of time. Guests can write what they are thankful for on several of the clothespins during dinner. After dinner, the kids can finish their project and the wreaths can be displayed. What a great way to share our thanks!

Put on a Puppet Show – Make some Thanksgiving puppets and create a puppet show based on the themes of the day. Kids love to perform and it will center some time on them! Make it simple with Creatology’s Harvest Stick Puppets at Michaels.

Play Outside

Organize a football or basketball game.

Buy or rent a bounce house.

Have sidewalk chalk and other small outdoor activities ready to go!

Include Them

Invite kids to help in the kitchen.

Bring the kids into the conversation. Talk about topics that interest them!

Kids and adults can play together. Include them in your favorite dice and card games.

Remember, while kids may enjoy time to play, they also want to be included. By planning a day with a lot of variety, kids and adults will be thankful for a day of friends, family, and fun!

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