Guide to Green Lawnmowers

One of the best ways to save money and the environment is by changing your lawn mowing habits. Reduce your lawn size by planting drought-tolerant local species, irrigate using rain water runoff and purchase a green lawnmower and you’ll be sure to save a ton of money each year on gas costs while being eco-friendly at the same time. Check out these four eco-friendly lawnmowers and you can bet your lawn isn’t going to be the only thing going green.

Cordless Battery Powered Lawnmowers

It’s an easy way to go green the next time you mow your yard. With a powerful 24 volt battery, this cordless electric lawnmower by Worx Tools is sure to cut your green grass while going green. Simply plug the battery charger into the garage outlet when not in use. When you’re ready to mow, just unplug it from the wall and turn on the switch for hours of mowing pleasure.

Push Reel Lawnmowers

One of the best ways to go green next time you mow the green is by using a push reel style lawnmower. With the power of your push and a series of gears, you can easily turn a drum that cuts the grass. Kids love to push these lawnmowers around for fun, so you can bet that even the kids will get a kick out of mowing the grass with one of these great push reel lawnmowers.

Electric Lawnmowers

If you still want to have a greener lawnmower that doesn’t have an exhaust pipe, but can still mow the toughest of grasses, then you should purchase an electric lawnmower. With an extension cord and little elbow grease, you can easily mow the thickest of grasses using one of these eco-friendly electric lawnmowers. The only drawback with this type of mower is that it’s tough to mow really big lawns and it can be dangerous if you accidentally run over the power cord.

Robotic Lawnmowers

Over the last few years, robotic battery powered lawnmowers have become a hot seller. For a modest price, you can easily purchase a battery powered robotic lawnmower that mows your grass automatically. Using tracking software and a programmable timer, you can program you mower to mow the grass on a specific schedule. After each mowing, the robotic mower goes back to its charging station and powers up, so you don’t have to worry about anything but keeping the blades sharp. Check out these robotic mowers and choose a model that will work circles around your chore laden kids.

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