Summer Vacation Fun Tips for Kids

Are your kids acting bored this summer? Here are some creative ideas to helping your kids beat summer boredom and have a great vacation!

1) Plan a summer sleepover! Your kids will enjoy the planning process of creating a great summer sleepover.

2) Make Chalk Spray! Collect the Supplies. You will need: a spray bottle, chalk and water. Ground up the chalk into a fine powdery substance. Place it in the spray bottle. Add water to the spray bottle & shake. Now you have chalk spray. Use chalk spray to spray on sidewalk or paper. When the substance dries you have beautiful creations!

3) Have a Lemonade Stand! Help your child make kool-aid, set a price, decorate a cardboard box and sell the kool-aid. The processes used to create a lemonade stand are similar to those needed to start a business. By helping your child set up a lemonade stand, you are helping him start his future career!

4) Create a Cardboard Box maze! Collect Cardboard boxes (refrigerater boxes and boxes from someone’s move). Tape these boxes together and create a cardboard maze. You can use Christmas tree lights to light up the maze or neon paints & blue lights. After the maze is created, have your kids invite friends to join them and crawl through!

5) Create crafts! I especially enjoyed this authors idea for a marblework maze. Check out this Associated Content Producer’s article for great summertime crafts for your kids.

6) Put out a bird feeder! You can place a bird feeder near the house and let your kids watch the birds. You can buy a book called “The Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds”. The photos in the book will help your kids identify and study them.

7) Do your kids spend a lot of time on the computer each day during the summer? Here is an article I found about some great kids websites. My sister is quite a bit younger than I am and she found the American Girl website to be fantastic. She also likes Neopets.

8) Have a Grill Out! Your Kids will love the good food and company you invite to share the meal with you!

9) Go to the Beach and play in the sand. It will be a great way for your kids to get some vitamin D (from the sun) and have some fun!

10) Create a Craft Box! Collect crayons, pens, paper, construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, and any other items (milk caps, buttons, and miscellaneous) and put them in a large bucket. This new bucket will be a container for your kids to dig in, explore and create! It is a great bucket for a ton of summertime fun!

11) Write stories together! Encourage your children to write. Tell them to write whatever is on their mind and keep writing. They can write: “Mom is wearing a purple shirt. Today she looks happy. The sky is blue. The clouds are yellow. I just heard a bird chirp. The birds name is ‘Lyonal’. Lyonal is a green bird with purple wings. He has a mother named ‘Fettucini’ and a father named ‘Alfredo’. ” From this exercise they will learn how to write great stories this summer.

12) Have a Picnic in Your Backyard! You can have a picnic anywhere. Why not have a picnic in your backyard? Get a blanket, have your kids help you make the food (peanut butter & jelly puzzle sandwiches are a favorite), and put everything you need in a basket. Your kids will enjoy creating and imagining a wonderful adventure and you won’t have the stress of traveling far from home!

Your kids will love these summertime activities and you can create great memories they will remember for a lifetime!

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