Hair Accessories: Choosing a Great Style

Hairstyles today are all about natural; take one look at those pictures of you in the 80’s and you’ll remember why. Choosing a great hair accessory can make a really great hairstyle – but the wrong one can look ridiculous. With the focus on natural locks, hair accessories don’t form a part of everyday style anymore, but there are occasions that can’t do without them. Feel like you’re watching a tennis ball going back and forth? This article will help you make the most of your hair, and set it off beautifully with the right accessory.

Perfect Hair for the Perfect Occasion

There are some occasions that all but require hair accessories; work, social and formal events can have you scrambling. Certain occasions call for different looks, but your basic rule of thumb to follow:

Go for the sedate hair accessory over one that will be noticed a mile away.

Beyond the idea that subtlety is an art, there are a few other things you can keep in mind to really set off your look:

At Work: Most work situations require an up-do. Whether it’s because you have to wear your hair up or because you like the professional look it gives you, the second you pull those luscious locks up you need a hair accessory to do the job. Work hairstyles should be very understated, a clean, polished look without a lot of flash (unless, of course, you’re a runway model and can get away with it). Choose hair-helpers that are very close to your hair color so that they will blend in. Beyond that, try to stay away from shiny plastic and go ahead and splurge on the pony-tail holders without metal; they only cost a few cents more, will lie flat in your hair, and cause fewer split ends.

At Social or Formal Events: It’s much easier to express some artistic flair with your hair accessories at occasions like these. Classy, not-too-busy pieces are great here, and you can match your hair jewels to your clothing if you don’t go overboard. What you’re looking for is something that will attract the eye to the beauty of your hairstyle, so use as little as possible. Silver and gold, rhinestone diamonds, and small sprigs of flowers are perfect. You can choose them to highlight your overall style, and they won’t overpower the natural beauty of you.

Choosing Quality Hair Accessories

One stop at any aisle with hair accessories, and you can quickly become overloaded by the flood of styles. Everything from headbands to tortoise clips, rhinestone barrettes and colorful scrunchies pack the aisles in a sometimes too-garish display.

Choosing the right accessory for the occasion and style of your hair can be less difficult than deciding which ones are quality. Not all are made the same, so spend the extra pennies to get high-quality accessories that will really go the distance and be easier on your hair. Even your stylist will love you. These tips will help you decide what’s worth spending your money on:

1. Stretch hair bands, scrunchies, and pony-tail holders. They should be taut, snap back to original shape, and contain fully finished seams. Go for the “ouch-less” ponytail holders that don’t have metal clamps – they won’t snag your hair and cause split ends at the end of the day.

2. Test all barrettes and hair clips by opening and closing them to check the hinge and clasp. Make sure that the teeth are not catching each other, and that there don’t seem to be any loose “pins” in the hinge. Hard plastics and chip-resistant metals will last the longest; make sure that any adornments are secure.

3. Any accessories with rhinestones, beads, and jewels need to be checked closely. It’s easy to find something that’s breathtaking and just buy it on the spot, only to have the pretties fall out within the first day. Look for secure attachments and prongs that won’t catch and bend easily on your fingernails or hair, and check that bead holes are evenly drilled. Rhinestones should be very even across the surface of the accessory if it’s been made properly.

4. Run away, far away, from painted accessories. Paint is nothing more than a cheap alternative to colored plastic, and if you buy these you’ll end up with pieces that chip during use. At best, they will look old quickly. At worst, you’ll wind up with paint chips flaking through your hair for the rest of the day.

5. Smooth your hands over any wooden hair accessories like hair chopsticks and the piece that slips through a leather thong. Check them carefully for splinters or chips that could snag your hair and break the ends, or scratch your scalp. Wooden pieces should be very, very smooth with a “finished” feeling

Spend some time finding a variety of hair accessories that are simply, classic, and will last for a long time. You can make a bold statement with very little punch that will definitely make you smile with pride.

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