Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Tucson, Arizona

Vintage clothing stores in Tucson, Arizona are a great source for clothing that allows you to express your individuality. Vintage clothing stores in Tucson, Arizona are a place to buy one of a kind vintage pieces that are sure to keep you from blending into the crowd. Vintage clothing stores are the perfect place to find clothing that will make your existing wardrobe change overnight. A closet full of vintage clothing will ensure you will never have to worry about showing up to work or school in the same outfit as your peers. Adding a vintage piece or two to your everyday wardrobe is a quick and easy way to make your clothing fashionable as well as interesting. Vintage clothing is definite for those individuals who want to be noticed. So, the next time you are out clothes shopping, take a look at one of these great local vintage clothing stores in Tucson, Arizona.

Desert Vintage & Costume is a great local source in Tucson for all things vintage and time specific. If you are looking for a great leisure suit from the seventies or a colorful flapper dress the from the 1920’s you should head over to Desert Vintage & Costume first. They have a large inventory that will have you drooling at the possibilities. Prices are reasonable, but if you want to save a few bucks try renting your period ware. This is a great way to wear an item without having to dedicate yourself to it. Renting is also ideal for costumes that you may never have a use for again. Desert Vintage & Costume is located at 636 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, 85705. They can be reached at (520) 620-1570.

How Sweet It Was Vintage Clothing is a one-stop shop for all things vintage. They carry a large selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s vintage duds. Their vintage inventory also includes great accessories, hats, and shoes. Stuck in between and all around their clothing you will find a few great vintage accessories for your home. Adding a few vintage pieces to your kitchen or family room is a great way to make you decorating style unique and fun. Vintage accessories are great conversation starters for your next social gathering. How Sweet It was Vintage Clothing is located at 419 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, 85705. To make an appointment to sell your own vintage clothing contact them at (520) 623-9854.

Buffalo Exchange is a nationwide vintage clothing store with a great local franchise in Tucson. Buffalo Exchange originated in Arizona and has made vintage clothing a huge business wherever they go. They carry a huge inventory of vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, and hats for men, women, and children. You can also find a selection of hip and funky new items that will soon be vintage. Buffalo Exchange is located at 6170 east Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona, 95712. Buffalo Exchange does require an appointment if you want to sell them your own vintage and funky clothing. They can be reached at (520) 885-8392.

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