Hair Salons for Kids

Getting the kids haircuts just got easier. Hair salons that cater to kids are opening all across the country. No more squirming at Mom’s salon or Dad’s barbershop. Instead, the kids are grabbing onto steering wheels and video game controllers while the stylist works the shears.

Most of these hair salons for kids welcome walk-ins or appointments and are brightly decorated. Waiting is half the fun. Large play areas stocked with toys, forts, video games and TVs are a hit with the children and the parents alike. At the local branch of Cool Cuts for Kids where I take my daughter they have a Thomas the Tank train table in a small area near the waiting section. This is a great spot for toddlers. Along another wall are about four video consoles for the older children to play while they wait their turns.

The stylist consults with the parents about the haircut and offers the child a choice of scented shampoos such as chocolate or strawberry. Smaller children can lie on platforms while getting their hair washed. This is more comfortable for the child and makes for a better overall experience. Going to hair salons for kids is fun for all and a great introduction to hair salons.

When its time to cut their hair, the smaller children sit in chairs shaped like cars, trucks, and taxis complete with steering wheels. The stylist drapes either a “super hero” or a “princess” cape around the child then works their magic while the child zooms around in the pretend car. Older children sit in traditional chairs with booster seats if needed. They’re offered a choice of video games or movies to watch on DVD while their hair is being styled.

Hair salons for kids prices are comparable to children’s haircuts offered at conventional salons and can even include finishing touches such as braids, ribbons or spikes. Most hair salons for kids have a selection of lollipops, stickers or temporary tattoos as a parting gift.

Like their grownup counterparts, hair salons for kids stock a full line of products available for purchase though these products are geared for children and their tastes.

I take my daughter to Cool Cuts for Kids because that’s the hair salon for kids in my neighborhood. However, hair salons for kids aren’t limited to that brand. Check your local yellow pages or the internet for a salon that caters to children in your town.

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