Halloween Costumes to Be Found at Your Local Thrift Store

Are you looking for a Halloween costume but are you on a tight budget? Do you want a creative costume that doesn’t come from a pre-packaged box that everyone else will have?

Thrift stores are a great place to look for your Halloween costume. An added benefit is that most thrift stores support charities that help those that are in need. Here are some ideas for costumes that you can find at your local thrift shop.

You can find thrift shops by looking in your local yellow pages or checking on the internet. The Salvation Army is one of the large organizations that operates thrift shops and chances are they have a thrift shop that is somewhere in your community. Another nonprofit that operates thrift shops is Goodwill. Some hospitals and animal shelters also operate thrift shops as well, that is a good place to get started also.

Halloween Costumes:

Bride: There are many people that give their wedding dresses to thrift shops. This can be a great costume. You can even dress it up with makeup and make yourself the Bride of Frankenstein.

Army Person: You can often find an army jacket at a thrift store. Dress it up with green pants and a green t-shirt and you can be an army person.

Flower Child/Hippie: Look for flowing skirts and fancy looking tops with beads or other types of decorations. Or you can look for bell-bottomed jeans and a concert t-shirt. Another idea is to look for items that have a peace sign on them. You can always dress items up by adding buttons to them, buttons can be found at your local mall usually.

Preppie: This is an easy costume to do! Find a button down t-shirt and a pair of khaki pants and a sweater to wrap around your neck. It would be perfect if you found a tennis racket to carry. Ladies could have a skirt just below the knee. Look for shirts that have small patterns on them.

Tennis/Golf Player: For this costume you will need to find or have a tennis racket or a golf club. Then look for a white shirt and white shorts for tennis. Look for a light colored shirt and a nice pair of pants for golf. Some men play golf in wildly plaid pants, some ladies play in fancy pattern pants. A visor for your head is also a great idea for both costumes.

Tourist: Find a t-shirt for any tourist attraction or city. Then wear jeans or shorts and your comfortable shoes. Hang a camera around your neck. It would be terrific if you could get a map of the area to complete your costume.

Pregnant Woman: Get a large dress, or a maternity dress. Tie a pillow to your stomach.

Woman or Man: If you are a woman, go to the party dressed like a man. If you are a man go to the party dressed like a woman. Find whatever clothing looks like the most fun to you!

Doctor/nurse: Find “scrubs” and wear them. See if you can find an old stethoscope or some tongue depressors.

Yuppie: Look for a sharp looking business suit and a tie. Get a newspaper and a briefcase. Talk about the stock market and your car.

Tupperware Lady: Get some Tupperware containers and talk about how they open and close. Demonstrate them at the Halloween party.

1950’s woman: Find a 1950’s style dress and go to the party as a 1950’s woman. Thrift shops are great for finding vintage styles so you might be able to find something from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.

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