Renew Those Vows!

What do you think of when it comes to renewing wedding vows? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is an older couple who have been married for many years, often with children who are already grown. Odds are you don’t think of a couple who haven’t been married for very long.

For most couples, renewing their vows is something best done on a special anniversary. The truth is, you can renew your vows at any time! It’s never too early, especially if you weren’t able to do things the way you wanted the first time around.

For many couples, especially younger couples, they find themselves talked out of saying the vows that they want or writing their own vows in exchange for following more traditional methods. These couples often find themselves feeling hurt and cheated out of their dream wedding because they listen to their friends and families instead of following their own hearts. While this doesn’t always cause problems in a marriage (though it can if only one half of the couple chose to make the switch), it leads to memories about what’s supposed to be the biggest and happiest day of your life.

If you think you’ve been cheated out of your dream wedding by saying the vows that others want for you instead of your own, renew your vows! In fact, you can begin to renew your vows as early as your honeymoon! Though you’ll have had the wedding of everyone else’s expectations, you’ll also have the memories of a more private ceremony that gives you the opportunity to say everything you’ve ever wanted to say to the one you love. Don’t regret having the wedding that everyone else wanted for you with the vows that they wanted.

Though your wedding should be about you, it is often the case that your friends and family will make the day about them. If you think you may feel regret about missing out on the opportunity to say the vows that mean something special to you and your love – if you feel cheated by following what others wanted you to do – start looking into renewing your vows! The day you renew your vows should be just as special as the day you were first married, and it will be. Because this time, you’ll get to say everything you wanted to say the first time around – and no one should talk you out of it!

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