Steps To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Long distance relationships can be very challenging, especially when you are left with no choice but to try and make it work. Most people try their best to make things work out, but eventually they lose the passion to stay committed. To make it work, both parties have individualistic roles to play.

There are certain things you and your partner can do in order to sustain your long distance relationship it all depends on how far both of you are willing to go to make things work. With the right tips on what and what not to do, maintaining a long distance relationship for as long as you wish can be easily achieved. Read on to find out more tips for maintaining a long distance relationship.


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    Avoid Over Communication

    Do not be deceived, over –communication is a thing. Try to keep things in check in your relationship by creating distance to avoid boring each other out. Ever heard the phrase,  “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. With the explosion of social media, there is a tendency to keep up a regular almost real-time line of communication with your partner.

    This is the main reason why a lot of long distance relationships fail. Before long, those long silences start to creep into your conversations. Then one of you might start to feel less enthusiastic to talk, less passionate about the thought of seeing each other and so on. There is got to be a space that will constantly leave the both of you longing for each other, otherwise, the bond that ties the both of you might die sooner than expected.

  • 2

    Seize the Opportunity

    It is said that ‘’if you want to live together, you must first learn how to live apart.’’ So maybe, your being apart isn’t exactly for the worst. Instead embrace it and cherish every moment of being separated by reason of location and not state of heart.



  • 3

    Set Some Ground Rules

    Rules are very important in relationships because it shows how much you value and respect your partner by adhering to them.  Most people think a relationship without rules is the best kind of relationship that lasts forever. But truth is this, there is a certain point we arrive at in a relationship that setting rules must be applied. Most importantly, setting rules, is has to be mutual otherwise, we recommend you don’t.

  • 4

    Try To Communicate Regularly

    Greeting your partner ‘’good morning’’ as well as ‘’good night,’’ on a daily basis, is a must. Also try sending each other pictures, short clips of what happening in your environment. No matter how mundane some things may seem, always share them with your partner. That way, you’ll make your partner feel loved and relevant.

  • 5

    Talk Dirty To Each Other

    Many studies have proven that sex is not only a biological need, but also an emotional one as well. And with your partner physically away from you, you will definitely want to turn up the sexual tension between you two. And the best way to do that is to talk dirty on the phone or video chat.

  • 6

    Stay positive

    You have to constantly remind yourself of the benefits at the end of the finish line. Yes it can be painful or even lonely at times, but you ‘’love your partner’’ so you'll want to make sure you keep things alive between you two.



  • 7

    Find Things To Do Together

    Regardless of your separate locations, it is more than possible to still find things you can both do together. So find time to exchange ideas on a TV series you are both following, a book you have decided to read together, anything to keep your lines of communication fresh and relevant.

  • 8

    Visit Each Other

    Visits are the highlights of every relationship. After all the waiting, yearning, and longing, you finally get to physically meet each other and fulfill all the little things like kissing, hugging and so on. The feelings cannot be substituted for any other thing in the world!



  • 9

    Define Your Goal

    Ask yourself and your partner ‘’what are we aiming for in this relationship’’. It is very important to define the purpose of being in a long distance relationship with someone. That way, you can stay motivated until you have achieved a greater outcome like getting married, having children and living happily ever after.



  • 10

    Stay Honest To Each Other

    Honesty is very important because it will help your partner know how much you value their input as well as how transparent you want your relationship to be. Secrets, no matter how little they might be, will only cause damage the moment they come out or worst if they are revealed by a third party. So stay honest!



  • 11

    Video Chat Before You Go To Sleep

    Talking to your partner before going to bed via video chat is as good as doing it when they are physically present with you.

  • 12

    Give each other reminder gifts

    Get your partner things they can wear to constantly remind them of you all day long. Also make sure they get you one as well. That way, it will feel as though they are right beside you anytime and everywhere.

  • 13

    Making a long distance relationship work is not an impossible thing to do, and by making use of these tips, it only gets easier.

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