The Top Five Romantic Date Restaurants in the Hartford, Ct Area

For people seeking romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area, the following is a guide to the top five romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area. It can be argued that any restaurant could be considered a romantic date restaurant, depending on the circumstances. After all, love is blind and even a greasy, fast- food restaurant can take on larger- than -life proportions when amore’ is mixed with food. Restaurants that are truly considered to be romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area however, are in a category unto themselves.

Traditionally, romantic date restaurants tend to be somewhat dimly- lit and offer a large degree of privacy to diners. No matter where the location, these restaurants set themselves apart by way of their impeccable service, great food and wine,elegant surroundings and attention to detail. While all of these details add up to a memorable dining experience,such luxury usually does not come cheap. Most romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area fall into the category of ‘upscale’, or ‘fine dining’,and generally are quite expensive. It is usually best to call ahead and make reservations for a romantic dinner date. At that time, any questions regarding special beverages, dietary restrictions, musical accompaniment and floral arrangements should be made.

Many great and long-lasting marriages and relationships have started as one night together at a romantic date restaurant. For the person or couple seeking the top five romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area, here is a list detailing each of those restaurants.

A) Carbone’s Restaurant..588 Franklin Ave, Hartford, Ct..(860)296-9646
One of the most well- known and well- respected restaurants in Hartford, Ct, is Carbone’s.Since 1938, couples seeking romantic date restaurants have flocked to Carbone’s. The gourmet Italian food served at Carbone’s includes clams casino, gnocchi with vodka sauce, chicken saltimbocca and petite sirloin steak with gorgonzola. Exquisite desserts are made on- premises. The wine list is large and tableside preparation of some items is practiced. a truly classic romantic date restaurant in the Hartford, Ct area.

B) Cavey’s Restaurant..45 East Center St, Manchester, Ct..(860) 643-2751
For over fifty years, couples in search of the ideal romantic restaurant in the Hartford, Ct area, have returned again and again to Cavey’s. Cavey’s is actually two restaurants in one. The upstairs restaurant serves Northern Italian food, while the downstairs restaurant serves classic French food in a luxuriously elegant dining room. Of the two, the French half truly fits the description of a romantic date restaurant. Everything on the menu is superb. Standouts include chilled oysters, petite lobster gourmande, pan- roasted lamb and spectacular desserts. A huge wine list and gracious service are also offered.

C) Max Downtown..Cityplace..185 Asylum St, Hartford, Ct..(860)522-2530
In the Hartford, Ct area, the name Max Downtown symbolizes class, romance and elegance. Not to mention top- rate food, an expansive wine list, impressive surroundings and impeccable service. With a menu that includes oysters on the half shell. lobster “ceviche”, Moroccan Spiced chicken, a creme brulee trio and Bananas Foster, the food can help set the romantic mood. They even offer a Chocolate’Tasting’, consisting of chocolate cake, pot de creme and chocolate crepes with white chocolate mousse. If desired, floral arrangements can be handled by the staff at Max Downtown. They will go out of their way to ensure that the romantic dinner that couples specifically seek at their restaurant, is one to truly remember.

D) Mill on the River..989 Ellington Road, South Windsor, Ct..(860) 289-7929
Like a page out of a fairy- tale book, the setting at the Mill on the River is beautiful and serene. Located on the banks of a small river, complete with a waterfall, covered- bridge and promenade deck, this establishment fairly defines the term ‘romantic date restaurant’. A wonderful menu featuring shrimp cocktail, lobster croissant, blackened redfish, pecan- crusted salmon and chicken with wine and chestnuts is offered. Homemade desserts are fantastic and service is top- notch. Staff will assist in any way possible to help ensure that couples seeking a romantic meal, will have all their expectations exceeded. One of the very best romantic date restaurants in the Hartford, Ct area.

E) the Hartford Marriott Downtown..200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, Ct..(860)249-8000
Open since 2005, this luxurious Italian restaurant in the all new 22- floor Hartford Marriott- Downtown, is both exciting and romantic. The extensive menu includes a good selection of ‘small plates’ (appetizers) which, when shared, can be quite romantic. A large wine list and boutique cocktails are featured. Desserts are average, service is good.

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