How to Date a Really Nice Guy

If you have been dating the wrong guys, then dating a nice guy might be some serious issue for you. It does not matter if you learnt your lesson the hard way, what matters is that you must not spoil your date with a really nice guy and keep things smooth. Not to mention, that the bad guys want a girl to be more sexually appealing and prominent while a nice guy prefers sophistication and humbleness over these. Thus, it is necessary to improve yourself before going on a date with nice guy.


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    Explore your options

    In order to date a really nice guy, you must start exploring your selections. Since you have been involved with the bad guys, there is a great chance that you might fall for anybody relatively better than them. Thus, you must be careful while exploring your options and look for these guys in suitable places. For example, it is unlikely that you will find a nice guy in a bunch of hooligans. Instead, nice guys are usually found in libraries, bookstores, parks and churches. You can also take help from your friends or family members by asking them to find a nice guy for you and introduce you to him.

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    Act genuine

    You must never fake yourself to other people and act genuinely in front of them as most people get annoyed with this and take things seriously. Therefore, it is of significant importance that you should not try to deceive a really nice guy and be yourself in front of him. Not to mention that honesty is the key to long-term relationships thus, you should never lie to the other person.

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    Take your time to get rid of your past experiences

    Being involved with bad guys is not something out of the blue; therefore, you must stop blaming yourself and take your time to get rid of your past experiences. It can take some time and there is a strong possibility that you will need help of your friends.

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    Respect the nice guy

    You must respect the nice guy and treat him well. You should not blame him for your past experiences and give him the respect he deserves.

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    Enjoy your time

    You should stop living in the past and enjoy your time with the nice guy, as this is vital to your life.

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