Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner! Stores are already beginning to stock their shelves with fall items, as well as with pumpkins, scary costumes, vampires, bats, and ghosts! Instead of buying Halloween d�©cor, try gathering your kids around the table and have them make their own!

Let’s take a look at a few creative projects!


This craft uses your children’s handprints. You will be drawing the head and body, but the bat’s wings will truly be the kids’ hands! For this craft, you will need: brown or black construction paper, pencil or marker, scissors, glue, and crayons or markers. For each child and bat, you will place their hands on top of the construction paper. Then you will trace their hands and have the kids cut them out. Using the scraps, or other pieces of paper, draw and cut out the bat’s body, head, and legs. Next glue the bat together. Glue the hands to the sides of the bat body. Then glue the head to the body, and add the legs too. Now flip the creation over and decorate!


This makes a cut container for your kids to take to school for Halloween parties or for trick or treating. For this you will need: an empty 1/2gallon tall milk carton, glue or tape, scissors, and construction paper, make sure you also have plenty in black as well. The first thing you will do is draw and cut out 2 wings and a long strip about 10 inches long that you’ll use as the handle from the black construction paper. Next, cut the top off the milk carton. If you want a short bag, then cut off more of the carton’s top. Wrap the milk carton with a piece or 2 of black construction paper. Then, tape or glue the wing cut outs to the carton. Tape or glue eyes, mouth, fangs, and ears to the front.


This was my favorite craft to do with my young elementary students at Halloween! You will need black construction paper, a black marker, white poster paint, a large ice cream bucket lid, sponge paintbrush, and of course bare FEET! If you fold the construction paper in half beforehand, you can make adorable Halloween cards. Use gel pens to write messages and send them to friends and family! To make the footprint ghost, put a piece of dark paper down on the floor. Spread white paint in a thin layer on the ice cream lid. Have the child put their foot in it. Make sure the entire bottom of their foot is covered in paint. Use the sponge paintbrush to spread more paint on the child’s foot if you need to. Next, have the child step on the dark paper. Again, make sure that the entire foot makes a mark on the paper. Let the paint dry. Later, have the children put two eyes and a mouth on the ghost with a black marker. Usually the children will put the eyes on their toes and the mouth on its heel. Let them be creative!


Here is the perfect craft to help you get rid of any extra paper plates you having lying around. This pumpkin is made by using a paper plate, or you can trace a circle onto a cereal box or use a ice cream bucket lid, scissors, string or popsicle stick, and an orange and black marker. The children will use the orange and black markers to create and color the face of a pumpkin, using the entire plate. Make sure they have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Next, they will cut out the two eyes they made. You may need to help with this part! Finally, attaching the string to the sides or popsicle stick to the bottom completes the mask!

These crafts are very simple to do either at home or at school as a classroom project. Kids will greatly enjoy making their own Halloween pieces!

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