Harbor Breeze 30-Inch White Ceiling Fan with Light

My husband and I went to Lowe’s with plans to buy a light fixture for the space above our dining table. There was already a spot for a light. However, the previous owners had not left the lighting fixture. As we were shopping, I looked up at the ceiling fans to see this tiny ceiling fan! It was so small I thought it was a fake fan created just to show off the design, and not a realistic size. However it turned out to be the Harbor Breeze 30in White Breezeway Ceiling Fan, and it was priced at only around $30. My first thought was that I never knew ceiling fans were so affordable, and my second thought was that I never knew they could be that small! We purchased the fan and a Harbor Breeze generic fan remote and headed home to set it up.

Set up was a Breeze… except for one thing

It turns out this particular fan wasn’t made for remotes because their isn’t that much room under the cover where the motor is. However we managed to rig it up so the remote box was stuck to the ceiling and wouldn’t interfere with the motor. I wouldn’t recommend that just anyone do this as you have to make sure the wires are all set up correctly so you have no problems. The rest of the pieces went together quickly and easily and I was able to put most of them together while my dad and husband worked on the wiring.

It fits in small places!

We found out once we got home that we actually could have gotten a size or two bigger and still had room, but I’m really glad we choose this one because it really looks nice. There is ample space on all sides of the fan so I don’t have to worry about it hitting the walls or curtains.

The fan is small but powerful!

We installed this in the late summer when it was still pretty hot outside, and this fan definitely provided a nice breeze everytime we turned it on. When I open the doors and windows in the house, it circulates the air quickly and cools down the room in minutes. The 6 white blades can move at various speeds to provide various levels of breeze. The breeze is strong enough to knock papers off the table and make me chilly when I’m hot.

The lights are bright!

We finished set up of this fan at night and I was amazed at how bright it was once I turned it on. It takes 3 candle bulbs and lights up the whole area around my dining table so there’s not a shadow in site. It makes it great for working on craft projects at the table now. We set it up with the remote so we are able to dim the lights which I usually do when I just want a touch of light.

It’s Quiet!

I often forget it’s on because it is so quiet! Even with the fan on the highest speed, I can hardly hear it running as it swishes through the air very smoothly. I’ve been around other noisy ceiling fans before so it’s nice to have a fan that doesn’t click or make any annoying noises as it runs.

It’s Attractive!

To top it all off, this fan is cute. All the pieces are white with silver accents for the screws and pull chains making it the perfect addition for our room. Most ceiling fans I’ve seen are wood colored so it’s nice to have something white. The fan blads can be turned over to the natural wood side, but the rest of it would still be white.


This fan could easily be the sole lighting fixture in any bedroom since it provides plenty of light and airflow. However, in a living room or dining room setting, I would only recommend it for small spaces. We have a combing living room and dining room with this light over the dining table and two other lights in the living room. This is not large enough to be the only fixture in a large room, but it works well as one of multiple lighting pieces. Visit Lowe’s today to find a Harbor Breeze Fan that works for you.

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