How to Reseal the Glass of a Sunroom or Solarium

A glass sunroom or solarium naturally catches the heat of the sun and becomes a cozy retreat for the family. You can use the sunroom to add additional living space to the home and to grow tropical plants that would not survive in the diminished light of a house. The sunroom’s exterior is exposed to harsh weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain and excessive sunlight. Over time, the seals around the sunroom’s glass panes can dry out and crack. Once the seal has been compromised, it will begin to leak. With a few easy steps, you can successfully repair and reseal the leak yourself.

Supplies You Will Need:
Masking tape
Putty knife
Glass cleaner
Outdoor sealant

Step 1

Put on a pair of gloves to avoid cutting your hands on the sunroom’s glass. Inspect the glass pane that is leaking to make sure there are no chips or cracks. If the glass has a chip or crack, tape the damaged area using masking tape to prevent it from shattering when the seal is removed from around the window. If the glass is damaged, you will need to replace the damaged window pane with a new window pane.

Step 2

Scrape away the seal all around the edge of the glass pane that is leaking. The glass pane sits in a frame of wood, vinyl or metal. The seal holds the glass pane in place in the frame. Use a putty knife to peel off the seal all the way around the window and discard it.

Step 3

Lift the glass pane from the frame once the seal has been removed and the glass is free. Clean the entire window using a glass cleaner. Make sure there is no residue of the old seal that remains on the edges of the glass pane.

Step 4

Apply the outdoor sealant around the entire edge of the glass pane. The sealant comes in a tube. It should be a weather-resistant brand that adheres to glass. Run the tip of the tube along the edge of the glass pane and squeeze the tube to push the sealant out. Apply a line of sealant along the edges of the entire glass pane.

Step 5

Place the pane back into its position in the frame while the sealant remains wet. Allow the sealant to dry completely. Follow the manufacturers directions on the sealant to determine how long it takes to dry. Once the sealant is dry, reapply an additional line of sealant around the outside glass pane’s edges where it touches the frame.

Additional Tips:

Read the directions on the sealant prior to repairing the leak to determine if the sealant requires a minimum outdoor temperature to dry successfully.

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