Facts About the Great Wall of China

What makes the Great Wall of China so truly amazing? Is it the size, the history, or something more? The construction of the Great Wall of China can be viewed as the history of China’s people during the time. What is really remarkable is how such an extensive construction was built almost 2000 years ago.

Why was the Great Wall built?

China had good reason for building their infamous wall. The two main reasons were to protect their agricultural lands from being invaded and to keep the nation’s people from leaving the land. Watch towers were built between sections to serve as a warning system. They used fire and smoke signals to spread news and warnings quickly down the length of the wall.

When and how was the Great Wall built?

The Great Wall was initially started sometime in the early 7th century B.C. The original materials included grass, earth, wood, and stone. The wall was built over deserts, hills, valleys, plateaus, and other various terrains. This added to the difficulty of the construction. Over a million people helped construct the wall, including peasants, prisoners, and soldiers. Many lost their lives during the process. As kingdoms were added and other kingdoms grew, more towers and sections were added. It wasn’t until the Qin dynasty between 221 and 206 B.C. that the wall was finally united as were the kingdoms.

The wall we see today.

The Great Wall is the travel icon of China. The wall stretches from the east coast of China to the northwest corner of the country. The materials between the eastern and western portions of the wall differ. The east is mainly build of brick and stone, making it much more stable. The western side; however, was built mainly with earth and grass, making it more fragile. Tourists should visit between May and October for best weather conditions. There are four main sections tourists tend to visit. These include the Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai, and Shixiaguan. Each has its own importance to scholars and regular tourists alike.

The Great Wall of China is truly a magnificent example of early man made construction. To get an idea of how long the wall truly is, it used to be called the Ten Thousand Li Wall. A li equals one third of a mile. To really understand the beauty of the wall, one has to see it for themselves. Be sure to research more into the history behind the wall to truly appreciate its worth.

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