Dorm Cooking: Multi-Tasking Kitchen Appliances for College Students

College students are cramped for time, money and space. Why not make their lives a little easier, and a lot tastier, with one of these top multi-tasking small kitchen appliances?

In college, you may not have access to a nearby kitchen. When I lived in college hardly anyone used the common kitchen on the first floor. Nobody lived on the first floor, and there were hundreds of us in the dorm’s suites. When I read about these kitchen gadgets for the dorm room I thought those would be good items for the students who actually use a common kitchen, but what about everyone else?

For those students who don’t want to traipse down the stairs or the elevator toting pans and food and sponges, there are alternatives to dorm room cooking. So what are the essential small appliances every college student needs?

First, the appliances need to be compact, since space is at a premium. The cooking appliances also need to be electric. Also, they need to be quick and safe.

Top 5 Multi-Tasking Compact Kitchen Appliances for College Students in the Dorms

1.Avanti Mini Kitchen – Bake/Broil Oven with Two Burner Range

The Avanti Mini Kitchen is an amazing compact kitchen appliance, ideal for college students.

I would have definitely traded in my first roommate for one of these!

Bake in the oven, and use the two top burners to cook veggies or other healthy side dishes. Or cook on the top and bake something yummy in the oven.

Who says you can’t cook up a romantic dinner for two in the dorms?

Plus, it’s smaller than a toaster oven!

2. Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher

Toast bread and make eggs, at the same time. Automatic shut-off makes this multi-tasking appliance safe for busy college students.

3. Back to Basics Blender Express Plus

Blend up healthy breakfast smoothies. Detach the blender, and it becomes a travel mug. Quickly and easy!

4. LG .9 CF Combination Microwave/Toaster 900w Stainless

It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping (sorry, old SNL joke there).

Its’ a microwave and a toaster – too cool.

A small microwave can cook just about anything the college student can find to cook in it. Haing the ability to cook your own foods can help the college student resist ordering up fattening pizza.

5. Toaster Oven/Broiler Oven

The toaster oven/broiler is great for toasting and for baking and broiling foods. Eating breakfast is one way for a new college student to keep his or her metabolism in check.

Most mid-priced toaster ovens are also broiling ovens.

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