Window Glass Choices

Windows are vital in any home. Not only do windows allow light and air into the home but also enhance the appearance of any room. Whether it’s an upcoming remodeling project, window replacement, or new home construction, it’s important to know the choices for window glass.

The most expensive type of window glass is low emissivity or Low E for short. Low E windows are coated with a thin layer of metallic substance that helps keep rooms cooler in summer, warmer in winter by reducing the amount of ultraviolet light that comes through window panes. Low E is the most economic choice for the long-term because these windows help reduce energy costs.

Tinted glass is the second common type of window glass. Tints are available in more than one hue and in various thickness. Tinted glass is used most often for windows with a Southern or Western facing exposure, for rooms where the sun becomes intense during parts of the day. The less sun that shines through windows, the cooler the room can be. One of the downsides of tinted glass is that it can reduce the amount of light that shines into the home so homeowners need to see the glass before installation. Tinted windows are a good choice for many homes but if plenty of light is desired, then tinted glass may not be the perfect option.

Most common is tempered glass, found in many windows in both homes and businesses. Tempered glass has been heated and then rapidly cooled to strengthen the glass. Tempered glass breaks less easily than common glass and the heating/cooling process also crates surface tension. This means that if broken, tempered glass won’t shatter into a thousand sharp edged pieces but will break into small pieces. The danger of cuts from broken glass are reduced with tempered glass, which remains the most common and least expensive choice.

Before choosing windows, consider the different types of glass. Do-it-yourselfers may opt for any of the types of glass bu tothers may choose a window professional who can reccomend as well as install the right type of window glass for any home.

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