Have an Eco-friendly Bedroom

Not many people would think that it was possible to make their bedroom more eco-friendly. From the bedding you use to the furniture you choose, it is possible to perform an eco-make-over on your bedroom. Making your bedroom more eco-friendly does require some more major changes, but made one step at a time they are not to hard to do.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug
An easy place to start when converting your bedroom to be more eco-friendly would be your linens. In light of the fact that standard fabric processing is an extreme environmental burden, choosing organic fabrics is the way to go. Although there are many choices in organic fabric, many love organic cotton. Many stores now sell organic cotton bedding, including Wal-Mart. Using pillows made from natural fibers like buckwheat or hulls is another change you can make in your bedroom as well. You can also buy pillows made from recycled polyester fill which is another environmentally friendly alternative you can choose from. If you use a mattress topper on your bed you want to look for something untreated and made of natural or recycled materials. Another large change you can make would be the purchase of a natural fill untreated mattress. Organic mattresses are filled with either cotton, wool, or natural latex making them better for the environment and your health.

Shabby Chic
If you haven’t yet purchased bedroom furniture, this is an excellent time to be more eco-friendly. Obviously, choosing to purchase vintage or used is best for the environment. If you shop around you can really save some nice pieces of furniture from going to a landfill. Plus you can repaint them and make them your own. If your fixed on buying new furniture, stick with natural woods free from glues. Avoid particleboard and plywood at all cost. Also look for woods that are naturally treated or finished.

The Finishing Touch
When decorating your bedroom there are few small things you can do to make it more eco-friendly. When selecting a paint for your walls look for paints that label low to no VOC chemicals. If you have a flooring choice stay away from wall to wall carpeting. Try using area rugs instead. Area rugs can easily be found in natural fibers and can be kept in place with a natural rubber pad rather than adhesive. natural fiber area rugs are also great because many of them can be laundered in your washer to keep them clean. Finally, use energy efficient bulbs in your lamps and turn off all appliances when your not in the room or when your sleeping.

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