Healthy Fast Food Choices

Whether you are watching calories, salt intake or fat, everyone knows that fast food restaurants are not the best place to eat a healthy meal. But there are some healthy fast food choices, and fast food restaurants are adding new, healthier menu choices every day. In general, here are some ways to make more healthy fast food choices.

First of all, French fries are not a vegetable!! Whenever possible, choose a lower calorie side dish, such as a salad. Many fast food chains have added some very tasty salads to their menus. But beware! Salads, in general, are healthy. But those added options like cheese and bacon bits and creamy salad dressings can undo all your good healthy fast food intentions. Ask for low calorie or fat free dressings, get them on the side, and use them sparingly. In fact, condiments and sauces, in general, add unhealthy fast food calories, so if you must have them, get them on the side and use them sparingly. This includes such items as cheese sauce, tartar sauce, gravy, and guacamole. Eliminate the sour cream on the baked potato, the mayonnaise on the sandwich. Go for the veggies – extra lettuce and tomato, onions and pickles.

Grilled meats are healthier than fried or breaded, and a small hamburger is better than its larger double or triple meat option. Fish and chicken, or other white meat, is better than red meat. Whole wheat is better than white bread, if that is an option, and, generally speaking, a wrap is fewer calories than a sandwich. Chicken nuggets are one of the more unhealthy fast food choices you can make, along with breakfast sandwiches, fried meats, fries and onion rings.

Another source of empty and unhealthy fast food calories is the drink. A large cola contains 310 calories! Switch to milk, water, or bring your own diet version if you don’t like the options provided by the restaurant. A glass of water with a lemon wedge or two can be a refreshing option.

And finally, keep in mind that less is always better than more. Buy the smaller sizes, even if it means buying off the children’s menu. No super sizing! If you are fortunate enough to have someone you can share your food with, even better, since most fast food and other restaurant meals contain twice as much food (and therefore, twice as many calories) as should be consumed for a meal.

With a little planning and a little thought, you can make healthy fast food choices regardless of where you are eating.

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